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 Grenade jumping is a similar mechanic as the rocket jumping, however, not all games allow to do both things sometimes only rockets or only grenades can allow this kind of trick, also the game in question feature only one of these weapons. The grenade jumping can be made with grenade launchers and/or hand thrown grenades, but not with every grenade, often the ones which explode or simply emit a shockwave that can propel the player without killing him. Often found in arcade games and mostly first person shooters, this mechanic like its cousin allows a wide asset of trick jumps, and can be combine with the rocket jump when it's possible like having the rocket jumping and grenade jumping by throwing a timed grenade on feet, jump and fire a rocket  in the ground, this allow to thrust the player a lot more further than using one of these mechanics alone, at, often, the expense of more hit points.

Concussion Jumping

Concussion Jumping, or 'Conc Jumping' is an alternative to Grenade Jumping that first came to light in Team Fortress.  This jump involved a Scout or a Medic using their own Concussion Grenade's shock wave to propel them across the map, or up to higher areas in the map.  As the concussion grenade does not cause any damage, and instead causes the affected player's view to become somewhat disorientating, it was a useful tactic for attacking players to gain access to the enemy base without overly compromising themselves.

The execution of a conc jump is similar to a normal grenade jump, however it is a more controversial subject as some people view it as more of an exploit than a valid gameplay tactic.  As such the effect of conc jumping was lessened in the Team Fortress 1.5 patch for Team Fortress Classic.

The issue revolves around the nature of the concussion grenades in Team Fortress, where classes have different move speeds and 'weight'.  The concussion grenade was initial designed to allow  Scouts or  Medics   to move Heavy Weapon Guys & Soldiers out of their way in order to grab the opponent's flag.  However, due to the force needed to move a Heavy, and the fact that Medics and Scouts are lighter, the force is better at moving Scouts and Medics than it is opposing players.

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