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The Grenade Launcher fires standard grenades that either explode on direct impact with an enemy, or else explode after a couple of seconds. Like the Shotgun, they can be fired at any time so long as at least one grenade is loaded, and the grenades themselves bounce off walls making them conducive to firing at enemies around corners or behind cover. For immediate threats to the Demoman's livelihood, it is usually worth attempting a direct hit, which requires the Demoman to predict where his target will be in about half a second’s time and aim there dependent on the server lag.

The most common use of the Grenade Launcher tends to be as a spam weapon, firing rounds into a group of multiple enemies, and not worrying too much if they miss – as long as the enemies are not advancing too quickly, the explosions will still damage them. Critical grenades are extremely dangerous for anyone nearby, so they compliment this strategy very nicely. Reloading is slow, so do it often, whenever you get the chance.

Crafty Pyros can use their airblast to not only deflect these grenades but to change their team affiliation, causing them to do damage the Demoman's team. As a result, caution should be taken firing blindly into congested areas occupied by the Demoman's own team.

Advantages: Respectable damage plus splash damage, line of sight not required, perfect for harassing targets in or around cover, can be spammed to weaken enemies and deter movement.

Disadvantages: Must hit enemy on the full to ensure consistent damage (often difficult), small clip and painfully slow to reload when you really need it to, pretty ineffective against aware and dodging enemies beyond short range.


Clip Size4
Ammo Capacity16
Bullets Per Shot1 grenade
Base Damage84-123 Direct Hit
22-64 Splash Damage
Mini-Crit Damage114-165 Direct Hit
29-86 Splash Damage
Critical Hit Damage270-330 Direct Hit
190 Splash Damage
Rate of FireMedium
Projectile TypeProjectile
Reload TypeOne at a time


  • The Grenade Launcher has six chambers but only holds four shots. This was due to the weapon originally holding six shots but was changed shortly before the game was released and the weapon model was never updated.
  • Grenades follow a pretty severe downward arc after being fired. At extreme distances, the Demoman has to aim significantly higher to ensure a hit.
  • Unlike most other weapons in the game, the distance between the Demoman and his target does not affect the damage done by the Grenade Launcher.
  • This weapon is available in Strange quality from Mann Co. Supply Crate #19

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