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Codemasters Racing has made great racing games in it's day, even the first GRID brought us new features like the rewind feature and having great detailed cockpit views. It seems for whatever reason they decided to make the controls and feel of the automobiles more Arcady, and removed the cockpit views. Codemasters Racing says only 5% used the GRID 1 Cockpit view, thus its not cost effective to include them. This makes the game feel like its targeting the casual audience and to hell to the hardcore race gamers, they even attempted to not include Race Wheel support in GRID 2 but due to the outcry they decided to include limited racewheel support, it works with my XBOX 360 Race Wheel on PC so that's a PLUS in my books. I'm a bit DISIPOINTED with the graphics, NEED FOR SPEED looks a lot better than GRID 2, the textures are very low res on PC especially on the Sponsor Decals, they are. Very pixilated, this is unacceptable for a PC game in 2013. It's very odd because Codemastersracing Racing makes amazing looking games but for example the characters in the crowd are very low Polygon count and very low res textures it looks like the crowds from a XBOX 1 sports game crowd, they use tons of blur effects and depth of field to hide the bad low res crowd, it know this is nitpicking but other racing games do it better even dirt 3 is better crowds. I also feel the buildings look odd in the game, they look flat with no detail, again its nitpicking, but it just looks odd when the cars look so good and everything else just doesn't.

If you are interested in hardcore racing game then this isn't it, if you want a fast phased Arcady Racing amd then this might be for you but I just don't feel its worth full price but on sale this is a good buy if you enjoy arcade racing games, but keep in mind Need for Speed Most Wanted is a GREAT arcade racing game, looks stunning on the PC and is Dirt cheap, no Pun intended LOL. GRID 2 also has a decent story for a racing game, being a star in the fictional World Series Racing (WSR) and having ESPN in cutscenes makes this league feels real and I'm sure some people didn't know the WSR is a fictional league.

Here is some gameplay I took at 1080p with all the graphics maxed out.


Alienware X51 - LOL I won it :)

Intel i7 3770

16 GB DDR3

EVGA GTX 670 2GB - I paid for this lol replace my GTX 660 OEM 1.5GB

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