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    A style of play in multiplayer gaming with the purpose of annoying, irritating and angering other players.

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    Griefing is a type of behaviour on multiplayer games characterized as being counterproductive to a team, player/team killing, disruptive voice chatting, and/or cheating for wins. Ways to defend against the griefer scourge include reporting them to a moderator, booting them, or just plain surrendering and leaving the game. From Halo 3 on, the Halo franchise features a streamlined built-in system to try and counter griefers; if a player teamkills another, it counts as a "Betrayal" kill, and the player who was killed is asked whether or not they want to boot the offending player.

    Notable Griefers

    • Team Roomba - Known for their Team Fortress 2 griefing videos, which feature carefully planned application of exploits, such as building teleporters to bring players under the level geometry where they can attack the other team from anywhere on the map but not be attacked themselves, or jamming a player in the spawn room door so their team becomes trapped, to suck the fun out of the game for other players.
    • Patriotic N****s - A troll group known for griefing Second Life with obscene imagery, such as the infamous rain of penises, and self-replicating scripts.

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