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    Grieg's End

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    Built by Grieg Veneficus, an ancient geomancer who discovered the means of teleportation to Luclin, this castle is where he ran when the rest of the Combine Loyalists discovered they had no means of returning to Norrath.

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    Entrance from Dawnshroud Peaks
    Entrance from Dawnshroud Peaks

    Grieg's End is a castle built by an ancient geomancer named Grieg Veneficus who served Tsaph Katta, the leader of the Combine Loyalists. It was his research for the Combine Loyalists that opened the passage to Luclin using the spires found on continents of Norrath. The plan was to escape the assassination attempts on Katta by running to the moon. Grieg was successful on his first attempt in transporting himself and many of the Empire's finest to the moon of Luclin. His calculations were quite a bit off though, for they did not land on the surface of the moon, but near it's core. This is where Shadow Haven was built. It was not long before the people realized that Grieg had not found a way to travel back to Norrath. Many people stayed to establish Shadow Haven as a welcome mat for any others that unwittingly came to Luclin. The Combine Loyalists went to the surface and eventually established Katta Castellum on the dark side of the moon. Grieg remained in Shadow Haven along with some of the Combine's best mages, building The Nexus in an attempt to discover a way back.

    After many failed attempts, the mages became divided in their strategies. The two factions argued over what should be done until Grieg and his followers left Shadow Haven and settled in the rolling hills north of the Scarlet Desert. His experiments began to prove promising, and they set forth with building an incredible quadrolith resembling the spires found in the Dreadlands. Construction began in the region known as Mons Letalis, which is when the Maiden of Shadows, Luclin, began to notice him. For if Grieg discovered a way back, it would create a virtual road to and from her world, and a massive influx of unwanted visitors. When the moon of Luclin was at its closest to Norrath, Grieg and his mages began a chant, just as they did in the Exodus that brought them to Luclin. The spires began to glow and just when they thought they had succeeded, hundreds of shadows and demons began pouring into the quadrolith. Luclin had divinely intervened in their plan.

    Grieg's Tomb?
    Grieg's Tomb?

    Grieg and a few others were able to escape back to their compound in the hills, but it was not long before Luclin's minions descended upon them as well. She began to haunt his thoughts and dreams, driving him to madness. Her shadows have held him prisoner for centuries, turning him into a tormented spirit. Eventually, Katta Castellum sent people to investigate what had happened to the mages. Upon reaching Grieg's quarters, they were swarmed and destroyed. A demented Grieg would use their bodies to create his own legions, known as the sun revenants. Many abominations inhabit Grieg's End to this day, as well as Grieg himself, or at least what's left of him.

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    Notable NPCs

    • Amnarra Nogzabin
    • Bronus
    • Confused Pugilist
    • Deoreo Bexuarrana
    • Hyraja Mazarduruk
    • Kallian Agarnuzum
    • Khemot Agarthizar
    • Officer of Madness
    • Praetorian Myral
    • Prast Ianitor
    • Servitor of Luclin
    • Stonemason Galt
    • Wailing Mercenary
    • Wailing Pugilist

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