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    A recurring boss in the original Devil May Cry. The player encounters him three times.

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    Griffon is a boss from 2001's Devil May Cry. He is a giant bird demon that attacks Dante with long range lightning manipulation attacks. He does not show malice towards Dante & even respects his lineage as Sparda's son but his loyalty to Mundus is absolute. After failing to defeat Dante a 3rd time & suffering great injuries he asks Mundus to grant him more power but Mundus merely remarks on his failure & murders him in front of Dante.

    Griffon's remains is one part of the monsterous creature that encompasses Devil May Cry 2's final boss, Argosax the Chaos. He is capable of using his lightning attacks but like all the bosses that comprise Argosax's outer body he has no free will. With Argosax's death Griffon is considered completely destroyed.

    A new Griffon appears in Devil May Cry 5 as one of V's summons. This Griffon is only the size of a regular bird but has all the speech & lightning abilities as the original. Any link between the two pre-release is unclear.


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