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    Grim Fandango

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Oct 28, 1998

    A LucasArts adventure game that follows skeletal travel agent Manny Calavera's four-year journey across the Land of the Dead in a film-noir-inspired tale of love, betrayal and corruption.

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    A good adventure game that stands the test of time but not much more than that. 0

    A wide cast of unique characters livens up the sections between doing adventure game stuff.Over the years I’ve been somewhat fascinated by Lucasarts adventure games. Yet not till long after they have been really out of date. Can’t say I’ve been going through them at a very fast rate though since Monkey Island and Escape From Monkey island have been the only ones I’ve beat till now. Grim Fandango had a very unique premise even if I didn’t have a good way to play it ...

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    "The epitomy of what an adventure game should be." 0

    Ok, think back. This might sound a little weird to some, but there was a time when LucasArts didn't make nothing but Star Wars games. Granted, these Star Wars games are good, most recently with the incredible Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR) and Rogue Squadron 3, but my favorite LucasArts (LA) games have always been the non Star Wars games.  The point I'm trying to make is that LA has forgotten their roots. Adventure games were what got LucasArts to the industry powerhouse they are now. Unfor...

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    Grim Fandango: Possibly The Greatest Adventure Game 0

    The Land of the Dead is actually a fascinating, wondrously surprising and beautiful place so maybe the graphics seem outdated but the gamer is pulled into one of the most compelling, unusual and creative worlds in gaming. Grim Fandango has a terrific story, great humor, colorful graphics, lively music and exceptional voice acting. The puzzles in Grim are fun, but tough. They are smartly placed in the narrative.Many of the puzzles are made up of multiple steps requiring actions in several differ...

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    A game I refure to as an all time favorite 0

    Grim Fandango is an adventure game inspired by Mexican folklore and told in a film noir-like style.You play Manny Calavera, a travel agent in the land of the dead cursed to selling travel packages to deadbeat recently departed clients who can't qualify for anything better then a walking stick. After finding, and losing, your prime client, Meche Colomar, the adventure begins in an effort to find her.What really sets this game apart from anything else is the fantastic art style, the great dialog, ...

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    Classic Puzzle Adventure 0

    Grim Fandango? What's a Grim Fandango and why would I want to put it in my disc drive? Do you find yourself asking this question when seeing such a game on the shelf at your local game store? No? Yes? Whatever your answer and whatever you may or may not think of this game already, Grim Fandango is certainly a game to be recognized, and not just for its wackiness and originality. Created by Tim Schafer of LucasArts of which has produced many recognized titles to this day such as Day of the Tent...

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    One the greatest Graphic Adventures with many Issues 0

    One of the lastest games that Tim Schafer made during his work in LucasArts back in 08 is still worthy, especially in these days that  actually less than one good game is realesed per year. The first thing that attracts everyone's observation is whole new and unique world that you face within the game. a Grim Reaper who checks karma of his clients in a computer terminal and gives them their reward of their deed to make their journey easier in the Land of the dead. witch is very similiar to the r...

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    My All Time Favourite Video Game Ever! 0

    Making a good adventure game is not easy. It takes a lot of creativity and patient to put everything together. There are three things that designers must always tackle with: storylines, graphics, and sounds. Without these core mechanics, no games will ever be a true game and it's replay value will be at a minimal- and Grim Fandango is no exception.  Be a good boy...or else In Grim Fandango, you play as Manny Calavera who is literally "Grim Reaper" working for the Department of Death in the L...

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    Not So Grim A Game 0

    One of the first point and click adventure games i ever played and got absolutly addicted it was one of those games that consumes your every waking hour trying to solve every puzzle to push foward the brillaint and extremly amusing story full of rich and colourful charecters. I still chuckle at some of the funny and orginal moments in the game when i think of em, this game has alot to offer in orginal and unique charecters and funny ways of solving problems and pushing foward the story. I recome...

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