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Grimblood is a game developed by Maelstrom Games; it was released in 1990 for the Commodore Amiga and the the Atari ST.

Players control Maximus as he travels through Castle Grimblood looking for clues and interrogating characters in order to solve a murder mystery. Gameplay alters with each playthrough. David Whittaker created the music in Grimblood.


The castle screen.
The castle screen.

Grimblood opens with the castle screen, through which the interrogation and exploration screens are accessed - Clicking on castle windows identifies the rooms behind them and allows for players to travel to that specific location. While traveling to a chosen location, players may stop at any time to explore other areas along the way or to interrogate characters.

The function keys are assigned to particular questions which may be asked to the suspects. However, if suspects are accused without any evidence, it is possible that they may become unwilling to cooperate. It is also possible to assign characters to scout certain locations and report back.

As well as this, objects and rooms in the game can be examined in order to search for clues. The castle also features many secret passages.

To win, players need to accuse the right person of the murders in front of at least one witness; the murderer will confess upon being accused. The game encourages quickness; the longer the player takes, the higher the likelihood that more murders that will occur within the castle.

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