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    Grimling Forest

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    Grimling Forest consists of towering mushrooms rather than trees and is located at the base of the Tenebrous Mountains on the dark side of Luclin.

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    One of countless Grimling camps.
    One of countless Grimling camps.

    Grimling Forest consists of a dense population of towering mushrooms at the base of the Tenebrous Mountains on the dark side of the moon. A large river pours in from the mountains to the north, flowing south across the Grimling Forest and into the Hollowshade Moor to the south. On the western edge of the forest is a cave system which used to be controlled by the Vah Shir. It is here where they first discovered acrylia, a metal they would come to use in the creation of a great many things. Their greed led them to dig too deep, which revealed an underground society of a primitive, nasty race of people known as the Grimlings. The Grimlings quickly poured out of the caves, never knowing of the land that was above them. It was not long before they inhabited almost every inch of the forest.

    The Vah Shir still hold an outpost in the southeast. It is from here that they send warriors into the hordes of Grimlings to gather much needed acrylia. The Grimlings may seem scrawny and weak, but they attack in packs. There are also other strange creatures to contend with in the forest. Owlbears lurk throughout the region, as do the sonic wolves more commonly seen in the Tenebrous Mountains. There are even a few bands of smugglers who will often take advantage of those lost in the forest, or simply prey on those who narrowly avoid the Grimling and wolf attacks.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Coterie of the Eternal Night
    • Dar Khura
    • Grimlings of the Forest
    • Order of Autarkic Umbrage
    • Vah Shir Crusaders
    • Vardanov Zevfeer

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Vah Shir OutpostBank, Food & Water


    Notable NPCs

    • Avisiris
    • Claw of Khati Sha
    • Corruptor Ahgra
    • General Staginar
    • Grimling High Commander
    • Highpriest Giplish
    • Nightknife Gresga
    • Sonus
    • Spiritmaster Ugreth
    • Spymaster Gephes

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