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It is called a Grimp because it grips and jumps.


Swing:  Using a thread, it attaches to a plant to swing in a circular motion for 2¾ rotations before the thread snaps; there are cases where this number can be shortened. Swinging is useful for collecting pollen or crystals and destroying some prowlers. It can be used in conjunction with jump to reach higher ground  and seeds. The thread may be retracted or released at any time.

Grip:  If no buttons are pressed, the grimp will automatically grip onto any object it touches

Jump:  The grimp has two kinds of jump
  1. Normal jump,  which can be controlled in the air.
  2. Spin jump, the spin jump gives you a little boost to reach higher areas and is needed  for damaging enemies and some pollen prowlers. Spinning prevents gripping onto plants or rocks, and sucks in pollen in the immediate area.

Dive:  The grimp dives in a line downwards very quickly by jolting SIXAXIS downwards quickly. Destroying a pollen prowler using this will result in it releasing more pollen than usual.

Spider Control: After collecting all 25 Spectra in PixelJunk Eden Encore, the Grimp can shoot the thread towards plants or rocks, attaching to them. This allows it to swing more freely.

Specific grimps

The grimps you play as in PixelJunk Eden are:
  1. Phona
  2. Pana
  3. Okali

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