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    Grinding is the ability to slide along the edge of an object, usually a rail of some kind, with the trucks of a skateboard, the sole of a rollerblade, or the pegs of a BMX bike, in addition to grind boots or simply the character's feet.

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    In Extreme Sports

    One of the major types of tricks in extreme sports games are grinds. There are both numerous different types and ways to grind on either a skateboard, roller-blades, or BMX bike. Grinding often allows the player to traverse an obstacle or gap that could not be passed otherwise. Grinds are essential in stringing together long trick combinations, as they allow the player to cover ground while still acquiring points. When combined with aerial tricks and combo-sustaining moves, such as manuals, grinds can allow the player to create long combos for extremely high point values.

    In Action Platformers

    Additionally, some action platformers (perhaps most notably the Ratchet & Clank series), may have some form of grind-rail segment or setpiece that the player must traverse, either with grind boots or their feet, to progress through a level.


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