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    A grindlift is a personnel pod used to transport COG soldiers into the Hollow. The pods have a drill on the bottom that pierces through Sera's crust.

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    A Gindlift has a device used to transport soldiers from the surface to the underground caverns in which the Locust lived. The Grindlift is deployed from a larger vehicle. The pod functions by destroying rock with a laser that is emitted from one end of the pod.

    Typically each pod will carry only a few soldiers however in most cases a great number are deployed at once. The Grindlift first appeared in Gears of War 2.

    Players in Gears of War 2 used the Grindlift as a means of transport below ground where a portion of the game takes place. Escorting and subsequently using the pod is all a part of the story.


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