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    Grobb is a troll city located in the southern swamps of Antonica. It is the starting city for all trolls in EverQuest.

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    The Throne of Might
    The Throne of Might

    Grobb is the city trolls call home and this swamp town is a sight only a troll could love. Rotting wooden planks span the many streams running through the city from Innothule Swamp. Homes and stores are not much more than mud and rock holding together enough to qualify as shelter. Signs painted with the blood of 'lesser' creatures such as lizardmen, frogloks, and dwarves advertise the city's landmarks. Violence is the norm in this society, as the trolls obviously don't have a diplomatic society. The troll shadow knights known as the Nightkeep police the city, but the mob truly rules here. For those disagreements between trolls not decided in the streets will often be settled in the warriors guild hall known as Da Bashin Place.

    Neighboring Zones

    Starting City


    • Da Bashers
    • Dark Ones
    • Grobb Merchants
    • Shadowknights of Night Keep

    Guild Halls

    Guild NameClassesGuildmaster
    The BloodwolvesBerserkersDaboo Dogak
    Da Bashin PlaceWarriorsRanjor
    The NightkeepShadow KnightsHukulk
    The Throne of MightBeastlords, ShamanBregna (SHM)
    Gardunk (BST)

    Commerce & Crafting

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    1st Bank of GrobbBank
    Da Bashin PlaceWeapons
    Gunthak's BelchFood, Alcohol, BagsBrewingBrew Barrel
    Krung's Clubs n' JunkArmor, General SuppliesBaking, Fletching, Jewelry, PotteryForge
    The NightkeepWeaponsPottery, Smithing
    Ootok's ShopAlcohol, BagsBrewingPottery Wheel
    Uzak the JewelerJewelryOven, Kiln, Loom
    West End ShopFood, Water, Weapons, Leather Armor,
    Chain Armor, Plate Armor
    FletchingGrobb Forge, Oven


    Notable NPCs



    The Plight of the Trolls

    The trolls of Norrath are a creation of Cazic-Thule the Faceless, otherwise known as the god of fear. Their origins begin on the continent of Kunark in what would later become known as the Swamp of No Hope. It was here where Cazic-Thule corrupted the bodies and minds of a handful of barbarians, the creations of the Marr twins, Mithaniel and Erollisi. It was not long though before the god of fear abandoned the trolls in favor of the more ambitious of his creations, the shissar and the iksar. The great dragon known as Trakanon took the trolls under his wing. The trolls viewed the poisonous dragon as a god, but, after several centuries, he too would abandon them.


    The following decades would be harsh on the trolls. Starvation led to the madness of infighting between the various tribes, which brought the race to the brink of extinction. With all hope of Trakanon returning lost, the leader of the last surviving tribe, Nalikor, marched into the jungle alone to face the dragon. Impressed by the troll's bravery, Trakanon revealed to Nalikor the existence of the other continents of Norrath. The chief returned to his people and used the last of their resources to build five ships that would carry them north across the Timorous Deep.

    The trolls crashed their ships upon the rocky shores of the Broken Skull Rock islands on the southern edge of Antonica. The ogres of the nearby jungles were aware of the incoming ships and had prepared for war against this unknown, invading enemy. Only a few hundred trolls remained, but they fought valiantly even on the brink of starvation after weeks at sea. The ogres were stunned by the tenacity and strength of these new foes, and their warlord, Gharn, did the unthinkable. He ended the war and offered to help the trolls establish a home in the nearby swamps. They called it Grobb.

    The Fall of Grobb


    After centuries of skirmishes between the knightly frogloks of Guk and the trolls of Grobb, things came to a head during the Age of Turmoil. The trolls had become a bit overconfident in their everlasting battles with the frogloks after one of the mighty shaman had successfully laid a curse upon Guk by calling up the Prince of Hate, Innoruuk himself. The curse left the majority of the lower reaches of Guk infested with powerful undead frogloks that left the living frogloks struggling to survive in their own homes. In an attempt to balance the scales, Mithaniel Marr appeared before his loyal followers blessing them heightened intelligence and strength.

    The newly inspired frogloks marched through the Innothule Swamp and rose out of the marshes at the gates of Grobb. Illuminated by the massive firepots, the troll guards were stricken with shock and amazement at what they were seeing. Calling themselves the Lance of Mithaniel, these frogloks took only a few hours to decimate the trolls of Grobb. It was a lopsided slaughter of epic proportions. The surviving trolls fled west to Oggok and north to the Desert of Ro. The victorious frogloks soon renovated the appalling city of Grobb and renamed it Gukta, also known as the Outpost of Marr.

    The Reclamation of Grobb

    After several decades spent stuck in Neriak's Foreign Quarter, the trolls had long overstayed their welcome. But in their time spent in the dark elf city, the trolls picked up many of the more advanced techniques in the ways of the dark arts. When the time came, the trolls left Neriak, led by their mightiest shadow knights. In a terribly bloody battle, the trolls were successful in reclaiming Grobb and forcing the frogloks west through the jungles of the Feerrott all the way to the Mountains of Rathe. There, frogloks established a shanty town of tents to survive. The trolls returned the city of Grobb to its former state, in which it remained until the Shattering.


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