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    Grobyc is a cyborg constructed by Luccia's brother. He was intended to be a weapon for the Porre military. His innate color is black.

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    Basic Information

    Grobyc is a cyborg who was created by Luccia's brother. When Grobyc speaks the words in his text boxes all have dashes between them to convey that he sounds like a robot. In battle his innate color is black, and he uses gloves as weapons.


    Grobyc was supposedly intended for scientific and research purposes, but he was instead outfitted as a killing machine by the Porre military. During the excavation of some old ruins the Porre Military finds the super-weapon "Strong Arm" and modify it so that it can be used by Grobyc. Luccia's brother was supposed to repair and modify it for Grobyc, but Norris sabotaged the operation. Norris believed that Grobyc was too dangerous, so he orchestrated the destruction of the lab where he was created. Luccia's brother sacrificed himself to save Grobyc, which delayed his activation. Three years later he was sent on his first mission to Viper Manor. He was originally programmed to follow orders, but somehow he retained a mind of his own. He only listens to those that are stronger than him. When Serge and the party confront Grobyc and defeat him he comes under Serge's control.

    How to recruit

    Grobyc is recruited in Viper Manor after he is defeated while trying to rescue Riddel.


    Rocket Fist - Grobyc shoots his fist at an enemy. Requires star level 3.

    Hair Cutter - Grobyc jumps in the air shooting a laser from his hair that hurts all enemies. Requires star level 19.

    Strong Arm - Grobyc summons the ancient weapon strong arm. He takes off his own arm and replaces it with the weapon. The strong arm fires a powerful laser at an enemy.

    Grobyc revieves Strong Arm when you take him to open the coffin shaped chest in Chronopolis.


    Grobyc spelled backwards is Cyborg.


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