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"Who's your favorite barbarian? That's right, Grognak!" - Amata Almadovar


Grognak the Barbarian is a Pre-War comic book published by Hubris Comics that follows the adventures of Grognak the Barbarian in a prehistoric world. Due to economic inflation during the time Grognak comics were distributed the price of a new copy was 23 dollars. There are at least 14 issues in the series. The only issue that the player can find is issue #14 titled Grognak the Barbarian: In the Lair of the Virgin Eater, which was released in December of an unspecified year. Following the destruction of the Great War many copies of Grognak the Barbarian were either ruined entirely or damaged. Because of this a mint (or just good) condition issue of Grognak the Barbarian is very rare. 

In Fallout 3

Amata Almadovar will give you a copy of Grognak the Barbarian #14 for your tenth birthday in the Growing Up Fast quest. If you do not use it it will be in your dresser during the Escape! quest.

After the Lone Wanderer escapes Vault 101 he can find other copies of Grognak the Barbarian in the Capital Wasteland. Using them will increase the Melee Weapons skill by 1 point, or 2 points with the Comprehension Perk. There are 25 copies of Grognak the Barbarian that the player can find in Fallout 3.

One quest that is heavily influenced by Grognak the Barbarian comics is the Superhuman Gambit quest, which is itself a somewhat whimsical post-apocalyptic take on superheroes. The main villain of the quest, The AntAgonizer is a super villain whose parents were killed by giant ants when she was a child. The trauma caused by this event lead to her believing that ants would beat humans in the struggle to dominate the Wastes so she donned the persona of The AntAgonizer and befriended a colony of ants, eventually being seen as their queen. The idea of The AntAgonizer may not have been entirely her own however. In a terminal at Hubris Comics Headquarters you can read a letter from an angry fan to the editor of Grognak the Barbarian. In the e-mail the fan complains that his favorite villain, The AntAgonizer, "an orphaned girl raised by ants and instilled with a bitter hatred of humanity", is not being treated properly by the current writer of Grognak comics, Mr. Neptura. He bemoans how Neptura treats The AntAgonizer as a shallow, two-dimensional villain. He then goes on to demand the return of the previous writer Mr. Moorellis (whose name is most likely a portmanteau of actual comic writers Alan Moore and Warren Ellis). Based on this it seems that The AntAgonizer took inspiration from an issue of Grognak the Barbarian

In Fallout: New Vegas 

There are only four copies of Grognak the Barbarian in the Mojave Wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas. Each copy increases the Courier's Melee Weapons Skill in by 3 points, or 4 points with the Comprehension Perk.


One of the loading slides in Fallout 3 is an image of the cover of Grognak the Barbarian. The slide's identification number is VDSG Plate #188-63.
Grognak the Barbarian is a fairly obvious reference to Conan the Barbarian
The cover of "Grognak the Barbarian: In the Lair of the Virgin Eater" is a reference to the cover of an actual Conan the Barbarian issue titled "Conan the Barbarian: The Lair of the Ice Worm"
Its base ID is 00034040

Locations in Fallout 3

Closest Map MarkerLocation Description
 Andale In the Smith's basement, on the right hand counter close to the doorway.
 Bethesda Ruins In the Bethesda Underworks, in the side passage off the train tracks. It's in the small room.
 Broadcast Tower KB5 Southwest of the tower is a small raider camp. It's underneath tin cans in a box.
 Canterbury Commons Carried by Derek Pacion. You have to steal it.
 Chaste Acres Dairy  Farm Next to a bed on the second floor.
 Cliffside Cavern At the base of a generator in the sniper's nest in the main hall. 
 Clifftop Shacks In a shack.
 Corvega Factory North-Northwest of the Corvega Factory. Enter the Sewage Grate to the Drainage Tunnels. It is on a bookcase in the room to  your right.
 Fort Constantine Behind a Hard locked door in the Personnel Offices.
 Georgetown West It's in the second level of the building surrounded by Super Mutants. It's on the shelf with ammo crates.
 Hubris Comics In the area with Mad Johny Wes and the two turrets.
 Megaton In Jericho's house.
 Minefield Inside of the Gillian House. On the children's bed.
 Museum Station On top of a table near the exit to Metro Central.
 Red Racer Factory Outside of the factory. It's to the South inside a shipping container of toxic waste barrels.
 Red Racer Factory On the Scavenger's Bridge. On a shelf with a Duck and Cover and a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual. It has to be  stolen.
 Scrapyard Inside of an ammo box in a burned out bus near the red railroad car. The box is Hard locked but can be opened with a key from  the "More Than Just Scrap" random encounter.
 Silver Lining Drive-in On top of a table in a shack close by. 
 Statesman Hotel  Restraunt On a shelf in the middle of the main room.
 Temple of the Union Only available after finishing the Head of State quest. It is on a table in a shack in a raider camp.
 Tenleytown/  Friendship Station In a small office in the Friendship half. In a locker.
 Vault 101 Given to you by Amata in the Growing Up Fast Quest. If you don't use it then, it will be in your dresser during the Escape! quest.
 Vault-Tec  Headquarters On top of a desk on the top floor of the Vault-Tec Office.
 Vernon Square North It's in Metro Junction. It's halfway down to the platform; a board leads over the railing, and there is a table with a lamp below.
 Yao Guai Tunnels On a ledge you can get to after you pass through the Yao Guai Den next to the Raider's corpse.

Locations in Fallout: New Vegas

Closest Map MarkerLocation Description
 Jacobstown In front of an oven inside the first bungalow to the East.
 Cannibal Johnson's Cave On a mattress close to the campfire.
 Hidden Supply Cave On or behind one of the large metal crates.
 Cottonwood Cove Inside the HQ building. On the shelf next to the bed.
 Police Station In the Dead Money DLC. It is in the basement. On the floor in front of the filing cabinets.

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