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Groove Coaster is a rhythm game that involves players interacting with the iOS device by tapping, holds, slides, scratching or rapidly tapping in beat to one of the songs in the included soundtrack. The goal is to hit enough notes to fill a meter to be able to complete a level in one of three difficulty levels to unlock the next song.

The game was developed by the Space Invaders Infinity Gene team at Taito and it shows, as it shares a similar art style with Infinity Gene.

Leveling System

The game has a persistent leveling system like that of Inifinty Gene in which a meter fills up between songs based on the score obtained from said song. When the meter fills up, the player is awarded a bonus such as new type of ship or a skin.


A grade from E-S is awarded based on score, number of notes hit, accuracy (the game grades taps either 'Good', 'Great' or 'Cool') having a combo and freestyling taps (which the game referes to 'ad-libs').


The player can choose one of a handful of ships, with most of them locked, and each has thier own type of bonus such as faster filling of the song completion meter to loosening the timing of getting a Great on notes. Ships based on various Space Invaders can be unlocked.


Items can be purchased from the in game store for $0.99. Each item assists the player in playing such as making up to 10 missed taps turn in to 10 good taps.


An assortment of skins can be choosen before a song that changes the background and various effects.


There are 21 songs included with the game:

The BeginningCOSIO2:110
Music Plot Type ZeroCOSIO1:051
Play merrilyShohei Tsuchiya2:093
StreetwalkerShohei Tsuchiya2:112
Not get wishShohei Tsuchiya2:114
Revenge Of ArkanoidLil'B1:262
Happy Smiling -More Happy Mix-COSIO1:335
Breach of faithShohei Tsuchiya2:194
Invade YouCOSIO1:543
Neptune DivingCOSIO1:316
You've Gatta LuvShu Nakazawa1:327
GekiShohei Tsuchiya1:467
Cardiac RhythmCOSIO1:568
Spring to mindShohei Tsuchiya1:345
Eurythmics TripCOSIO1:467
Just no friendShohei Tsuchiya1:508
Protocol Signal GenerationCOSIO2:088
Fess up!Shohei Tsuchiya1:396
Thrash BeatCOSIO2:026

There are more songs available via DLC obtained through the in-game store.


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