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The Watchers, a godlike race of interdimensional beings that are controlling the antagonistic Empire, are often referred to in hushed tones during the game Drakengard and are at several points clearly influencing the actions of human antagonists Manah and Inuart. It is implied that they are attempting to cross over into this world by manipulating the Empire into removing several special seals that block access to the world; seals which the game's protagonists spend most of the game attempting to protect from the Empire's forces.

Drakengard Ending A-C

In the first three endings, the Watchers are thwarted and do not appear.

Drakengard Ending D

In the non-canonical Ending D, after the Watchers' main vessel Manah is mercifully killed by her brother Seere and his pact-partner Golem, the Watchers decide to take direct action and enter the world by force. They drop out of the sky as cooing infants (called "Grotesqueries" by the game) that vary between 10-50 feet tall, and attempt to kill every remaining human being on the planet. Seere makes the decision to sacrifice himself to forever halt the passage of time around the Grotesqueries' Queen to prevent the rest of the world from being destroyed by these monsters. In the process of assisting Seere, all the other playable characters are eaten or killed by the Grotesqueries.

Drakengard Ending E

Instead of Seere sacrificing himself, Caim and Angelus attack the Grotesqueries' Queen directly, which ends up teleporting them to modern day Tokyo where they defeat the Queen and are then destroyed in turn by the Japanese Air Force. This completely bizarre turn of events becomes the canonical beginning to cavia's later game Nier.


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