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    A ship-turned-space station in The Outer Worlds.

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    Groundbreaker is a ship that was converted in to a space station. The Groundbreaker was the original colony ship to reach Halcyon during the Crossing.

    Groundbreaker is the only location in Halcyon to not be owned by Halcyon Holdings Corporation.

    Locations in Groundbreaker

    • Auntie's Kitchen
    • Back Bays
    • Belle's Shells
    • Engineering
    • Groundbreaker Docking Bays
    • Groundbreaker Promenade
    • Ike's Armory
    • Medical Bay
    • Rest-N-Go
    • Spacer's Choice Vendor
    • Spratwurst Vendor
    • The Lost Hope
    • The Unreliable
    • Waste Disposal

    Quests in Groundbreaker

    • Happiness is a Warm Spaceship
    • Salvager in the Sky
    • Solution Vital
    • The Distress Signal
    • The Silent Voices
    • Who Goes There

    NPCs in Groundbreaker


    Quest Givers

    • Comdt. Sanita
    • CPL. Leonard Wheeler
    • Edna Ingmire
    • Gladys Culkelly
    • Jessie Doyle
    • Junlei Tennyson
    • Lilya Hagen
    • Pvt. Lee Flores
    • Udom Bedford


    • Belle Everson
    • Dr. Mfuru
    • Ethel Gaibler
    • Gladys Culkelly
    • Greasy
    • Ike Kristiansen
    • Martin Callahan
    • Vera Krivanek


    • Ad drone
    • Bounty Drone
    • Captain MacRedd
    • Chef
    • Combat Drone
    • Corporate Trooper
    • Dr. Wanda Dorsett
    • Engineer
    • Ephraim Maywood
    • Freighter Crew
    • Interstellar Crew
    • Jane Elson
    • Mardet
    • Medical Drone
    • Milo Ottinger
    • Outlaw
    • Outlaw Sniper
    • Outlaw Squad Leader
    • Outlaw Striker
    • Private Lettie Dixon
    • Private Taylor
    • Salvager
    • Scrap Mechanical
    • Server
    • Sick Bay Nurse
    • Sick Mardet
    • Song Jiang
    • Spacer
    • Stevedore
    • SubLight Contractor
    • Tobias Oyama

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