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    In the .hack franchise, Grunties are a mix between cows and pigs found in The World. Players can raise grunties to use as mounts and to trade them for their treasures.

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    Raising grunties is an extensive side quest in the The World. Depending on the food you feed a baby grunty you can change the type it will grow into. Different types have different items to trade for.

    List of Grunties

    The World Servers

    Any Server

    • Baby Grunty
    • Grunty the Kid
    • Noble Grunty

    Theta Server

    • Iron Grunty
    • Poison Grunty
    • Stray Grunty

    Lambda Server

    • Bony Grunty
    • Snakey Grunty

    Sigma Server

    • Aqua Grunty
    • Milky Grunty

    Omega Server

    • Rocker Grunty
    • Wooden Grunty

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