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Gruntilda's Broomstick (Name unknowm) is essentially just Gruntilda's Broomstick. It appears at the very beggining of Banjo-Kazooie and with the help of it Gruntilda manages to kidnap Tooty and set the events that make the rest of the game happen. A picture of it briefly appears in Mad Monster Mansion in a dining room but aside from that it dosn't appear untill the very end of the game. Gruntilda rides him and fights Banjo and Kazooie on it, at the beggining of the fight the Broomstick attacks you, he bears his teeth and charges at you. After a few of these it makes a noise simmilar to a car breaking down at smoke comes out of it. Later in the fight Jinjo statues appear, once you fill them all with eggs Jinjos break out of the statues and attack Gruntilda. The last Jinjo breaks the Broomstick and leaves Grunty groundridden.  
In Banjo-Tooie the Broomstick does not appear, but at one point Klungo fears Grunty might hit him with her broomstick, Rare did not confirm that it is the same Broomstick or not.

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