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    One of the four main playable counter terrorists in the Counter-Strike series.

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    GSG-9 is an elite German counter-terrorism group, which appear in the Counter-Strike games. The GSG-9 are one of the special organisations of the German Federal Police, which is one of the highest ranking governmental groups in Germany. The GSG-9 group was formed in 1972, after the events caused by the Black September terrorist faction during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.


    During the summer of 1972, in Munich, the Black September terrorist group attacked the event, and kidnapped eleven Israeli athletes. Two of these athletes were killed during the initial assault by German police, who were not trained or prepared for such an attack to happen. The German police (German: Polizei) underestimated the group, who killed one officer during the fighting. Of the eight Black September members, five were shot dead by the Polizei, and none of the Israelis survived. The tragic loss of life led to the founding of the GSG-9 group.
    The creation of the GSG-9 unit was met with negativity among Germans, due to the fact they felt it returned memories of the World War II Nazi agency, the Schutzstaffel (more commonly known as the SS). However, GSG-9 proved their worth in 1977, during an airborne attack by Arabic terrorists. When the plane landed in Somalia, GSG-9 members stormed the aircraft, killing three attackers and seriously wounding the fourth. What made it more impressive still, is that this was accomplished within seven minutes of entering the aircraft.

    Game Appearances


    GSG-9 are one of the four playable Counter Terrorist groups in all of the Counter-Strike games, and initially appeared in Beta 6 of the original modification: Half Life: Counter-Strike. The model for the GSG-9 members is blue, with body armour, and helmets with an urban camo design. In all of the games, the description for GSG-9 is a simple explanation of the group history, which reads:

    After the tragic events in Munich, 1977, GSG-9 was formed.


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