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    The GSR is a .45 caliber handgun from SIG.

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    The GSR is a .45 caliber 1911 pistol from SIGARMS known especially for its high accuracy, customizable exterior parts, and the ease with which it can be reloaded by clip. It features a light rail, making it easy for attachments to be added to it, and a sturdy, comfortable grip.

    The GSR in Metal Gear Solid 4

    The GSR is one in a series of .45 caliber customizable 1911 pistols available to Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4. In stats, it is very much like the Operator pistol he obtains early in the game, but lacking the laser sight. While this makes it less desireable in the single player game, it ironically makes the GSR more appealing to many players in Metal Gear Online, because the laser sight on the Operator can more easily give away a players' position.

    Details on the GSR in Metal Gear Solid 4:
    How to obtain: The GSR can be bought from Drebin for 3,000 DP.
    It can also be found in the Middle East Militia Safe House zone in Act 1 in a side room.
    It is also commonly carried by PMCs throughout the game, and can be obtained from them.
    Damage: D
    Shock: C
    Penetration: E
    Stability: B
    Reload: S
    Lock: B
    Customization: The GSR can be equipped with a Flash Light.
    Metal Gear Online: The GSR can be obtained and used in MGO.


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