Why do people hold this game in such high regard?

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I'm half way through Guacamelee! and I have to say that I'm underwhelmed. Not because it isn't good but because it didn't match my expectations. While it does have solid controls, it doesn't feel like it earns the right to gate access because it is so short. When you go back to the old metroids or castlevanias, there's so much more variety to the environments in those games. While the art is nice, it doesn't suit the flow of your progression through the game. Not to say that I have an issue with the length of the game, there have been other shorter indie titles like The Swapper and Waking Mars that I love that were inspired by metroid in some way. Despite the good feel of the controls in Guacamelee, it's all for not because the enemies up until this point have never presented a challenge.

Does it get better?

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To each their own, I suppose. I think it is a fantastic game and for sure many other people think so as well, but that unfortunately doesn't mean everyone will just the same. I found the combat system pretty fun. Nothing overly challenging, but it certainly didn't bore me. Not too sure what I can say about the environments suiting the flow of progression, but I can say at least that the final area looks and feels like a final area? In any case, if you're not enjoying the action and platforming already, I'm not too sure if waiting for the second half will magically turn things around.

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I didn't finish it either and had a similar reaction, enjoying but not ecstatic. I don't feel like it being a open adds anything significant to the game. I really liked the way the combat and platforming flowed together though. Basically I wished it was just straight levels of that.

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If you like doing challenge rooms, then I suppose it gets better, but you pretty much know what you're in for already.

Personally I thought it was definitely above average. The memes/referential humour was laid on way too thick and I felt the recovery time was way too long. Other than that, I thought it did what it did pretty well.

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I could not finish this game just because I got to a point where I could see what needed to be done, but could not get my fingers to do it, and basically gave up after about 50 tries and prob won't go back to it. I feel like the last game I felt like this about was Mega Man IX. For me those games were too hard and too hard = no fun (unless you are playing Dark Souls, the it's ok).

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@granderojo: It gets to a point where the enemies get shields that only respond to a power of the corresponding colour, and they really like to put explosive enemies behind shields that just require brute force to destroy. So no, is I guess whast I'm saying, it doesn't really get better. I enjoyed the platforming a whole lot, but really hated the combat.

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