Well, let's kick this off here!

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I felt it worthwhile to start a forum topic on the Guardian Heroes page.

Where did you get your copy, if you have it? I got mine from an aunt who had been sitting on a Sega Saturn for years, no one playing the damn thing, and she gave it to me on my last visit to see family. In the selection of games she had was Guardian Heroes. I can't believe I got it for free!

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I went out and bought mine from a store when it was released (can't remember which store though, probably GAME), after drooling over the articles and pics in the official Sega Saturn magazine for months.  12 years later, it's still my favourite Saturn game.

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I can't remember the first time, the second time probably within the second hand section of GameStation. Could probably find it on eBay!

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 I got the game earlier today! :D I got a copy from a local games store which sells rare Japanese games.

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I've been playing the six player and it's f***ing awesome fun. I cannot believe Treasure of all developers made this game!

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Picked it up from Media Play for $30 back in '96 since everyone in the IRC channel wouldn't shut up about it. I wound up buying quite a few saturn games from them back then....I miss that store.

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