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    Guardians of Middle-earth

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Dec 04, 2012

    Guardians of Middle-earth is an action real-time strategy video game based around The Lord of the Rings franchise.

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    Guardians of Middle-earth is a MOBA-style game developed by Monolith Productions, set in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings universe. Players participate in online objective-based competitive multiplayer matches, with the ultimate goal being the destruction of the opposing teams base, or the highest score after time expires.

    The game is a 5 vs 5 team-based effort played from an isometric point of view, with each team made up of a mix of good and evil characters from the LotR fiction. Players may choose a game mode that will auto-fill empty slots with AI bots if there are not enough players to start a match. Each player chooses a Guardian that has unique abilities and attacks, and players work together to move across the map to the other team's base to destroy it. There is also a Survival Mode where up to five players take on waves of enemies trying to destroy their towers.


    The game is available digitally via PSN or XBLM for $15, and at retail on PS3 for $30. The downloadable version excludes eight of the Guardians and the Survival Mode, which is all locked behind DLC (but available as a bundle with the season pass), while the retail copy includes this content in the package.

    The Season Pass is available for $15, and includes 8 Guardians and 1 game mode:

    • Bilbo
    • Bert
    • Great Goblin
    • Thorin
    • Radagast
    • Gloin
    • Barrow-wight Lord
    • Snaga
    • Survival Game Mode


    The game begins with each team starting in their base positioned in their half of the map. Various paths or "lanes" connect each base (there are 1-lane maps and 3-lane maps). The lanes are populated with towers, each protecting their corresponding teams half of the map. The player controlled "Guardians" move across the map eliminating towers and battling enemies with the ultimate goal of reaching and destroying the enemies base.

    The Guardians are aided by smaller AI controlled warriors that spawn in waves from fortifications called Barracks located at the bases, positioned at the mouth of each lane. These warriors are much weaker than the Guardians, but will spawn endlessly and march down their respective lane, automatically attacking enemy towers and drawing fire. As the round progresses and players level up their Guardians, they are also able to upgrade their towers and barracks to make them stronger.


    Selecting relics & gems in the loadout.
    Selecting relics & gems in the loadout.

    Players are given loadout slots which they select in the lobby after selecting a Guardian. Loadouts are not Guardian specific, rather they can be matched with any character of their choosing. Loadouts consist of a number of different customizable options:


    Each loadout has a "belt" in which Relics can be placed. Relics grant the players certain boosts to their abilities, health, speed, etc. Relics hold Gems, and the specific Gems slotted in the Relics are what determines the exact value of these boosts.


    Commands are very strong modifiers that have a temporary impact on a character's attributes, but have a much longer cooldown time, often 3-4 minutes or more. These commands can quickly save a player from death, or even deal a fatal blow during battle. When used properly, Commands can be a great asset to players.


    Potions are single use buffs that players can use at any time. Potions can grant any number of boosts, such as health, resiliency, etc. Once used they are gone for good, and new ones must be purchased in between matches...but since they are single use they typically cost less coins to purchase.


    Although in-game Guardian levels reset before each match, the game does feature persistent leveling, awarding players XP and coins (and sometimes relics and gems) at the end of each match. As players level up, they unlock access to more commands, potions & loadout slots, all of which can be purchased using coins.

    If a player reaches maximum rank, they are even given the option to Prestige.


    There are dozens of playable Guardians to choose from, but only a handful are immediately available to new players. Additional Guardians are unlocked via either in-game currency or paid DLC.

    Each Guardian has one single basic attack, and four unique "Abilities," which can range from area of effect attacks, buffs for teammates, speed boosts, or other various effects. These Abilities all have cooldown timers, but they are fairly short. As players level up their Guardian by destroying towers and killing opposing units, they put upgrade points towards increasing the power of these abilities. These in-match levels are not persistent, and reset before each match.

    Each Guardian belongs to one of five classes; Warrior, Enchanter, Defender, Striker, and Tactician. These classes give the player an idea what kind of abilities & play style they have. Defenders for example have more defensive attributes, such as healing & shielding teammates, where Warriors have more offensive abilities, such as attack power and shields. Enchanters have more magic based attacks, Tacticians typically have access to traps, and Strikers use speed and stealth to surprise their enemies.



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    • Dark Assault - Teleport, Damaging and Rooting
    • Northern Bolt - Lightning attack with Ability Damage
    • Overcharge - Enhances other Abilities, increases Penetration
    • Shockwave - Area attack with Damage and Slowing

    Barrow-wight Lord

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    • Barrow's Torment - Damages Enemies initially and over time
    • Chilling Touch - Reduces Enemy Guardian or Creature Attack Speed while increasing own
    • Drain the Soul - Life Steals from a single target
    • Undeath - Passive death Immunity, Teleport and Damage an Enemy while undead


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    • Narya's Power - Blinds and damages Enemies
    • Fireworks - Damages and Silences Enemies in an area
    • Flame of Anor - Creates Shield and reveals Enemies
    • Gandalf's Might - Damages and Stuns a single Enemy


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    • Ashen Wolf - Summons a wolf that Damages and Taunts
    • Fiery Grasp - Inflicts Damage and Knockup
    • Snuff Them Out - Damages Enemies while restoring Health
    • Furious Flames - Line attack with True Damage and Blind


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    • As It Is Written - Marks and Damages nearby Enemies
    • Ancient History - Creates Damage Shield
    • Last Word - Damages nearby Enemies
    • Dirge of Durin - Damages or Stuns nearby Enemies


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    • Vibrant Glade - Increased Attack Speed, Reduced Controlling Effects
    • Whispering Leaves - Deals Ability Damage, briefly Silences
    • Blackbird Song - Deals True Damage and Blinds Enemy Guardians and Creatures
    • Roots of Greenwood - Roots Enemies, slows and deals Ability Damage


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    • Focused Magic - Stuns Enemy Guardian, deals area Ability Damage
    • Spies of Saruman - Reveals, Slows and deals Ability Damage over Time
    • Burst Shield - Shield that detonates for area Ability Damage and Silence
    • Power of the White Wizard - Channeled Ability Damage over Time



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    • Shieldmaiden - Shields self and nearby Allies
    • Know My Fury - Roots nearby Enemies
    • Great Renown - Heals Allies at the cost of own Health
    • I Am No Man - Damages targets and stuns all enemies


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    • Golden Gaze - Causes Damage and Fear to nearby Enemies
    • Lothlórien Grove - Damages Enemies, Heals Allies, all Stealth
    • Power of Nenya - Pulls, Stuns, and Slows close range Enemies
    • Evening Star - Restores Ally Health at the cost of own

    Great Goblin

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    • Dizzying Smash - Area attack that deals Damage and lowers Resistances
    • Ramming Oppression - Target area attack with Damage
    • Ancestral Will - Restore Health and become immune to Damage for a brief time
    • Goblin Insult - Leap attack with Knockup, Damage and Taunt

    Mouth of Sauron

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    • Dark Shout - Medium range attack with Damage and Fear
    • Will of Sauron - Roots Enemy Guardian at Medium Range while draining the victim's Health
    • Deceitful Ways - Lifesteals and gains temporary Invulnerability
    • Stream of Lies - Area attack with Silence, Slow, and Ability Damage

    Witch King

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    • Malice - Causes Damage in area and improves next attack
    • Despair - Slows a targeted Enemy and nearby Enemies
    • Darkness - Taunts an Enemy and Reflects Damage
    • Death - Causes Damage and reduces Enemy Healing


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    • Arcane Arts - Shields self and Allies, removes Controlling Effects
    • Wretched Vapors - Area effect that Damages and Knocks Enemies away
    • Defensive Chaos - Heals nearby Allies
    • Dark Forces - Reduce Ally Cooldowns, enhance own Abilities



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    • Attercop! Attercop! - Damages and Taunts an Enemy
    • Gaffer's Home Cider - Attack Speed and Critical Hit chance increases
    • Hobbit Sense - Enter Stealth for a brief time
    • Sting - Teleport, Damages an Enemy, Immune to Root


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    • Heavy Burden - Gains Stealth at the cost of his Health
    • Mithril Mail - Frodo briefly Shields himself and gains Resistances
    • Light of Eärendil - Blinds and Stuns nearby Enemies
    • Sting's Bite - Damages and Slows an enemy


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    • Throttle - Single target attack with Damage and Silence
    • We Are Starved - Roots an Enemy, causes Damage and Heals self
    • My Precious - Defeat an Enemy with Damage and Attack Speed
    • Coward - Removes Controlling Effects and increases Movement


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    • Forest Sprint - Movement and Attack Speed Increases
    • Sea of Arrows - Area attack that inflicts Damage and Roots Enemies
    • Tree Top Ambush - Teleports and Stuns on next attack
    • Wrath of the Elves - Ranged attack with high Damage


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    • Wound - True Damage and Arrow that Stuns Guardians and Creatures
    • Flare - Blinds, then Reveals Stealthed or hidden Enemies in a small area
    • Scout - Tumbles and clears himself of Controlling Affects, Movement increase if enemy marked
    • Make it Count - True Damage and Slows Enemy Guardians


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    • Silvan Agility - Teleport, Invisibility, increases Move Speed
    • Woodland Shot - Range attack causing Ability Damage, Slow
    • Greenwood Blades - Damages, Roots, and Slows Enemies in close range
    • Elven Onslaught - Knockback, Ability Damage, reduces Resistances


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    • A Mouthful - Deals Damage and gains Health
    • Ravenous - Stuns a marked target
    • Famished - Extra Damage and Resistances, Weakness against marked Enemy Guardian
    • Salivate - Marks enemy Guardian and gains Movement and Attack Speed


    No Caption Provided

    • Stick - Damages, Blinds, and Pulls Enemies closer
    • Hunt - Increases own Movement Speed, clears Controlling Affects, and is briefly invulnerable
    • Drain - Persistent area that Slows and Damages
    • Bite - Lifesteal, Damages and Stuns Enemy



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    • Bonfire - Fire that Damages Enemies and Towers
    • Spirits - Increase Movement Speed and Resistances
    • Mutton - Pull, Stun and Damage Enemy
    • Stumbling Rage - Area attack with Fear and Damage


    No Caption Provided

    • Call of Rivendell - Increases Movement and Attack Speeds, Damage
    • Take Refuge - Area effect increases Health and Resistances
    • Elven Grace - Damages Enemies and give Stealth to Allies
    • Honored Guard - Summons an archer to Damage and Slow Enemies


    No Caption Provided

    • Lob! - Area ranged attack with Damage and Stun
    • Burn! - Trades Damage to Enemies for loss of Health
    • Trap! - Explosive trap with Damage and Knockup
    • Ka-boom! - Sacrifice self to destroy Enemies


    No Caption Provided

    • Black Land Banner - Trap that draws Enemy fire
    • Grond's Blow - Rush attack with Knockup, Damage and Stun
    • War-machine - Trebuchet that fires at Enemies
    • Rain of Doom - Area attack that damages Enemy units and Structures


    No Caption Provided

    • Dwarven-fire Flask - Deals Damage and reduces Resistance
    • Took's Wall - Trap that Damages and Blinds
    • Brandywine Barbs - Trap that Damages and Slows Enemies
    • Halfling's Trap - Timed trap deals True Damage and Knockback


    No Caption Provided

    • Dwarven Onslaught - Increase Basic Damage of nearby Allies
    • Fortitude - Increases Allied Resistances, Slows Enemies
    • Man the Walls! - Nearby units and Structures gain Resistance
    • Swift Blow - Teleport then Damage Structures


    No Caption Provided

    • Catapult of Angmar - Catapult with increasing range, damage, Health
    • Unbending - Creates Shields for Allies and Structures
    • Forceful Call - Increases Movement Speed and Health for nearby Allies
    • March of the Northmen - Speed increases for Allies and Structures



    No Caption Provided

    • Staggering Shot - Ranged attack with Ability Damage and Stun
    • Chieftain's Focus - Damages Guardian or Creature, increases own Attack Speed
    • Dúnedain Blade - Area attack that Damages and Slows Enemies
    • Ranger's Strike - Damages and Slows Enemies, enter Stealth


    No Caption Provided

    • Guard of the Citadel - Area attack with Damage and Silence
    • Shield of Gondor - Shield that absorbs Damage and increases Movement Speed
    • Turning of the Tide - Deals Damage while removing Controlling Effects
    • Noble Sacrifice - Taunts Enemy Guardians and Creatures


    No Caption Provided

    • A Bit of Fire - Damages nearby Enemies and gives Glóin haste
    • Dwarven Stubborness - Increased Resistances and lights Enemies on fire that strike him
    • Durin's Line - Damages all Enemies in a Target Area
    • Mighty Axe - Medium range area attack with Damage and Stun


    No Caption Provided

    • Berserker Rage - Increases own Movement and Attack Speeds, Health
    • Brutal Draught - Trades Health for increased Damage
    • Vile Taunt - Taunts Enemies and reflects damage
    • Bloodied Blade - Area attack with Damage and Fear


    No Caption Provided

    • Might of Barad-dûr - Target Area attack, Ability Damage, Knockback
    • Shadow Walk - Teleport and gain Stealth
    • Dark Lord's Reach - Damages and Roots a single Enemy
    • The Lidless Eye - Reveal, Damage, then inflict Fear


    No Caption Provided

    • Wrath - Increase Movement and Attack Speeds
    • Revenge - Melee attack causing Ability and True Damage, can deal a Critical Hit
    • Oakenshield - Creates a Shield and reduces Enemy Attack Speed
    • Heart of the Mountain - Increase Critical Hit chance


    No Caption Provided

    • Hammer Throw - Damages and Slows Enemies with ranged attack
    • Lethal Blow - Causes True Damage and Roots Enemies
    • Dwarven Valor - Reduces Controlling Effects and Damage
    • Durin’s Wrath - Reduce Resistances, Knocks Enemies into air


    No Caption Provided

    • Charge of the Uruk-hai - Roots target and causes Fear on nearby Enemies
    • Orcish Medicine - Regain Health at the cost of Attack Speed
    • White Hand's Whip - Damages, Slows and Knocks Enemy into air
    • Fury of Isengard - Single target attack with Damage and Knockback

    System Requirements


    • OS: 32-bit: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz | AMD Athlon X2, 2.8 GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS | AMD Radeon 3850 or better
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windows XP and DirectX® 9.0c and below not supported


    • OS: 64-bit: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 | AMD Radeon HD 6950 or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windows XP and DirectX® 9.0c and below not supported

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