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    Guild of Dungeoneering

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jul 14, 2015

    A dungeon exploration game where you play the dungeon master using cards to help guide the AI controlled players.

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    The Guild of Dungeoneering is a combination of old tabletop style RPG games mixed with Dungeon Builder type games like Dungeon Keeper. It used a pen and paper art style to evoke memories and nostalgia of old RPG sessions.


    You are head of the Guild of Dungeoneering, the Guild hires dungeoneers to explore dungeons and bring back as much loot as possible.


    The player does not control the dungeoneer directly, instead the game plays out in a turn based fashion. Each turn the player receives new cards, you can place three cards per turn, then your dungeoneer moves one space. The player has five cards maximum, but can discard any card they choose.

    The goal of a the game is to eventually make it to the boss and defeat him. To do so the dungeoneer mus become stronger by defeating enemies, which in turn allows you to place loot, which can make you stronger. The player can also decide to lure the dungeoneer toward rooms holding treasure chests. Doing so will sacrifice valuable time that can lead to the dungeon boss becoming more powerful. A countdown timer is displayed onscreen showing how angry the boss is getting at his failing monsters. When the timer finishes, the boss will leave his room and proceed to find the dungeoneer in a fit of rage.

    The Dungeoneer

    The Dungeoneer is controlled by AI, it moves one space every turn and will try to move towards enemies or loot as they are placed. The Dungeoneer has five stats attributed to them: Treasure, Health, Strength, Speed and Armor. These stats only increase with loot.

    The Cards

    Cards have their type displayed on the top left and their cost on the top right.

    Dungeon Piece
    Dungeon Piece

    Dungeon Piece (Seek Cards)

    The dungeon pieces can be placed without cost, they must be placed adjacent to a card that is not closed off.

    Enemy (Dread Cards)

    When the dungeoneer comes across an enemy, combat is initiated. Enemies can have varying traits like the dungeoneer that effect their deck of cards used in combat.

    Loot (Hope Cards)

    Loot can be of different types. Accessories, Weapons, Helmets, and Treasure. All but Treasure will efffect the dungeoneer's deck. Treasure is used to lure the dungeoneer in specific directions, as well as help upgrade the guild after a dungeon is finished.


    Combat is initiated by the dungeoneer walking onto a tile containing an enemy. The game becomes focused on the combatants' decks of cards. Enemies and the player effect what cards are within their deck by what traits they have. A "Fire II" trait for example will provide both "Fire I" and "Fire II" cards for a deck. Each round of combat involves both combatants hitting each other at the same time. When The player or monster runs out of life, the battle is over. If the player won, they pick one of three Hope cards. Hope cards can be weapons, armor, accessories, or treasures.


    The guild can be expanded upon when not inside a dungeon by spending coins.


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