After 3/4 of a Year - Finally New Footage - The Norn Trailer

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Hi there Guild Wars 2...

It's been awhile since ArenaNet debuted Guild Wars 2 gameplay at GamesCom in Germany. Eversince, that demo build is all that was shown... until now! Finally new footage. This trailer introduces the playable race of the Norn, somekind of shamanistic Viking dudes. Being able to shapeshift into some feral form will supposedly be their racial trait (none of that in the trailer though). The trailer focuses more on their native zones and the vibe of their culture. Anyways - here it goes. Enjoy!
My interest and passion in the genre of  MMORPGs wanes. It is in dire need of some reform and progression. The genre needs an effin lvl-up! I have high hopes for GW2 to that end. From the tech to the art to gamedesign to their business model, Guild Wars 2 could be the reformator I hope for! Please be a gaming great!
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They will be at PAX East in March with a new demo.  It has been confirmed that Norn will be playable as will the new Guardian class, so that should let you get a better look at the race and what they can do.

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I also wouldn't be surprised if we got the next class reveal around then. I think we still have 2 Guild Wars classes left and one new one?

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So excited to check out the new demo at PAX assuming I can get to one of the comp stations

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Maybe it was the video, but some bad framerates in places.

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@DeeGee: On the official website it is much smoother

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