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#1 Posted by KaramonD (67 posts) -

Although I found the game to be very fun, my control issues made the weekend event almost unplayable. My WASD controls were barely working at all on my wireless keyboard but all other buttons and the wireless mouse seemed to work just fine. I would hold W to go forward and 10-15 paces my character would stop. This doesn't seem like typical lag. I lowered my graphics from ultra settings to lowest and it didn't fix the problem. My only work around was to use the auto-run function, which sort of broke the experience. Did anyone else experience this? Did anyone else have any game-breaking bugs?

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#2 Posted by GWDreah (17 posts) -

Maybe there's a problem with your keyboard.

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#3 Posted by Seppli (11232 posts) -

I didn't. Hardware specific problem to your set-up, most like.

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#4 Posted by hugh_jazz (470 posts) -

Sounds like the keyboard is transmitting correctly, but it might be a bad connection interrupting the signal every now and then. That would explain why all keys work but whenever you're keeping a key pressed it only registers for a certain amount of time. You should probably change batteries or something.

Also, auto-run is the shit. Love it.

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#5 Edited by arch4non (472 posts) -

Yeah, sounds like a hardware failure on your end.

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#6 Posted by UssjTrunks (549 posts) -

I didn't notice any game-breaking bugs. However, there were about a million little bugs. Literally every area of the game was chock full of them.

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