Congrats on BOMB's 2nd Commander + Future of guild donation funds

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Congrats to Moonlit Wind as our 2nd commander and 'overnight' wuv wuv leader!

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As of now there is no player who has taken an interest in leading folks in WvW as tenacious as Moonlit or Me so there wont be a drive for a third commander. While the admins have some ideas for what to do next some thoughts from the community may make for some better things to pool our money for.

So in short everyone who DIDN'T know him, if your online when the rest of the United States is asleep and like World vs World, go have fun with Moonlit Wind!

Secondly, what would you like to see the guild pool donations for to better our community? (Anyone with a serious interest in teamworking to all get legendaries talk to shinboy)


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