Dungeon Finder - Yes or No?

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What is a Dungeon Finder?

In short, it's a cross-server matchmaking system for instanced group content, and I believe Guild Wars 2 is in dire need of such a thing.

Finding groups for my specific fractal level is nigh impossible during off-peak hours, and it always was a hassle to find pick-up groups for many of the more challenging explorable paths, due to a rather lackluster reward-scheme whitewashing all content into a singular token progression. The situation has supposedly been alleviated somewhat, with the introduction of rare skins dropping from any given path's final boss - this is not going to be enough though.

Let's be honest here, the LFG situation has been shitty from the get-go, and the lower population density of the post-launch-rush Guild Wars 2 environment doesn't help this issue either. We need an automated grouping system ASAP. I want to play, and often, I simply cannot. Unacceptable, and counter to ArenaNet's best intentions. The lack of such a tool is backwards.

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Yeah, I'm always for this. It made WoW much better for low levels who wanted to see group content after the game's release, and is necessary for any other MMO made since - this is only mitigated slightly by the level scaling. I understand the complaint about not being able to randomly find cool people to hang with, however.

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On a related note ... the LFG messages in LA Overflow can be hilarious.

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Yes yes yes yes yes. Jumping back into WoW for the most recent expansion put that into such stark contrast for me. Especially since the population has been seriously thinning since launch (in and around the mid level range specifically). Finding a group in SWTOR was nearly impossible when I was last playing it. I am having literally under ten second Q's on my level 60 DPS in WoW, and instant Q's on my level 85 Paladin.

I don't really see how the inclusion of this feature could hurt people, you can still use LFG if you'd like.

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Yeah, I think it's something that's needed. The only argument I've heard against it is that it "makes the game less social" which only really applies if you consider standing around spamming "LFG" as a social activity.

It's already quite difficult to find people running the initial story versions of the dungeons, so the sooner they add it, the better.

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Yes vote from me. Trying to find a Fractal group takes forever unless it's lvl 1.

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Totally for it. I haven't done a single dungeon in GW2, and would gladly queue up and do some with a dungeon finder system.

It was the same way for me in WoW, I skipped like 2 expansions worth of dungeons, then they added the system, and in WotLK I was in purples and having a good time, where before I'd have been in greens and quit. Adding it to GW2 in my eyes can only up the fun and chances of doing dungeons.

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Yes, because all of the people claiming LFG kills MMOs are crazy.

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Wierd that none of the 'No' voters cared to elaborate. That's the side of this question I really want to hear from. Every reason I heard thus far, was irrational fears of GW2 turning into WoW, and the formerly pristine pick-up groups suddenly and surprisingly turning into cesspits of villany and crude behavior. Like that doesn't happen just the same without such a tool. Now you just get to painstakingly build a shitty pick-up group experience, rather than just click a button, realize the shitty deal you've been dealt, and move the fuck on.

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Yes please.
I kind of dislike the whole random/rushrush mentality that often forms when such systems are implented but standing still for ages trying to get a group together, even near launch, is just torture in this day and age.
Don't get me wrong I did stand around and gather the groups as I did years ago in WoW and Lotro but right now I just kinda said no thanks to Guild Wars 2 because I have dozens of games to play and things to do.

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I've arrived on Fractals Lvl 13 now, and while that might sound okay, the amout of time I've spent staring at the chat window and typing LFG messages is sickening. Really hope they get their shit together soon, and come out with an efficient LFG tool ASAP.

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Ugh, voted yes before I saw "cross server". That sucks.

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I think a generally improved version of the party-finder they eventually implemented in GW1 would be nice. For those who don't know, it automatically took messages from general and trade chat that contained phrases like "WTB," "WTS," and "LFG," and turned them into a series of posts in the window itself, which someone could then filter by intent (Mission, Quest, Hunt, Guild, Trade) and quickly /whisper the poster directly. Obviously, changes would have to be made because of GW2's differing content types and social structures (perhaps squad advertisements in WvW?), but I just inherently liked that idea more than an auto-grouper.

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I very rarely fail to find a group using this website. I know that's not really what you're asking for, but if you didn't know about it, you might find it useful.

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Standing outside a dungeon or in town spamming "LFG..." is so 2004.

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@eldiax said:


I very rarely fail to find a group using this website. I know that's not really what you're asking for, but if you didn't know about it, you might find it useful.

Yup, you can usually find any group you want in seconds..If it's something obscure it may take a couple minutes.

An ingame df would be optimal as more people would know about it, but for the time being gwlfg.com is very useful.

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Hell yes, I've only done AC a couple of times and that's the only dungeon I've done (I think I've unlocked 3 up until now) because the waiting and gathering people who may end up quitting halfway through is just too much effort. It made WoW a hell of a lot of a better game even though it took them years to implement, I don't see why Guild Wars 2 wouldn't want to adapt it.

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So much yes.

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While I would rather it was limited to server only, I can see the problem that causes on the lower pop ones. So I say yes with hesitation!

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@Canteu: So true xD

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