Get a Glimpse of GW2's Phenomenal Environments [GuildMag]

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These videos from the Gamescom/PAX demo (i.e. not the most recent one) are a couple of months old, but I just now found them through a link in the latest issue of GuildMag (which you can find here). The players in each basically cover as much ground in the human and charr starter zones as they can. And boy, is it worth it. Using words like "variety", "scale", and "beauty" wouldn't do justice to the work of ArenaNet's artists and designers. Keep in mind that the first "Charr Territory" video has a tutorial in front and the exploration doesn't start until around 7:20. 
EDIT: Upon closer examination, the player in the charr videos didn't get very far from the Black Citadel. I've added another video where the person controlling makes a beeline through the zone. Less detail, but more stuff to see.


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