Getting Back into Guild Wars 2. Have some questions.

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After taking a fairly long break from Guild Wars, played for a pretty solid amount of time when game launched then stopped, I am wondering what has changed/things I should know. Also, crafting, should I be focusing on getting my crafting lvl'd so I can make sweet items or should I wait till late game stuff and do it all then.

If it helps I am currently a lvl 44 Char Warrior. Thanks!

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Don't craft with your first character. It's a neat thing to level quicker, if you've already got a decent warchest. Just get to lvl 80, get enough gold for a full set of exotic armor and weapons, play dungeons and fractals and world vs world.

Fractals are new. There's a new sPvP map (Temple of the Silent Storm). There's a new tier of gear (Ascended gear). There's a new type of condition and a new attribute mitigating it (Agony/Resistance - currently meaningful for Fractals only). There's a new endgame zone (Southsun Cove). Just google these terms and you'll figure it out.

I'd suggest for you to go for a mix of Knight and Valkyrie armor and weapons, if you chose to go for direct dmg. Or toughness/precision/condition dmg gear (trading post & dungeons only) with Carrion trinkets, if you go for condition dmg. That is if you want to have gear that's viable for all content in the game. Otherwise go for glass cannon gear, by all means.

There's a full-tanking build, that's best with +healing, but I'm no expert with it. The gameplay gets rather boring with a too one-dimensional build anyways.

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So the gear choices you mean at lvl 80 right? I assume that stuff doesn't really apply too much when I am lvling?

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@jeffsekai: It doesn't actually really apply that much at level 80. I've got a decent build. Mostly rares. But I do fine.

What you really ought to do is level crafting as you go. Taking one profession from 0-400 will get you 10 character levels. I found that if you craft while 100%ing zones in your level range you move though the levels pretty quick. I say you should wear what you feel makes you look good and not worry about it so much while leveling. Keep your gear current with good stats/levels and don't worry about skins too much. You will outgrow them in a few hours anyway.

If you really want to get into leveling. Putting stats into power always speeds that up and vitality does make it easier to stay alive but as a warrior you shouldn't be having a ton of trouble there. Seppli is right about the new stuff. Most of it is not worth worrying about because most of it has to be tackled in groups. If you get interested in that stuff you should pop into the mumble. There's almost always someone there and we like answering questions.

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