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I was thinking about new races the GW2 team could probably add to the game, and i just decided to make a forum on it

I'd like to see the developers add Koda's as a playable race in the game, that would be awesome

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#2 Posted by Lagaroth (186 posts) -

Obligatory 'Quaggan' post.

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#3 Posted by jesterroyal (393 posts) -

Tengu are next for sure. Then maybe the hipster bears.

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how about a race of panda men and a new class focused on unarmed combat

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I have a few dumb (amazing) Tengu names in mind, so I hope they release Tengu. Not holding my breath though.

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If the big bad of the next expansion is Primordus the Destroyer - then it's the Tengu. If the big bad of the next expansion is Jormag - then it's the Koda. Aside that, there's only the Hylek and the Quaggan, neither of which work as a playable race, as far as I'm concerned.

Dunno. Maybe one of the other big bads and a completely new race.

Oh - then there's those wierd underwater Assassin mantis-butterfly-looking dudes... who the 'eff knows what they are about.

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#7 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

I'd play a Kodan.

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#8 Posted by eternalrift (90 posts) -

@Seppli: You mean the Largos. There's a good case for them being playable when the deep sea dragon shows up.

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#9 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7598 posts) -

I'm not sure about the kodan, they were initially just random artwork by one of the artists. The developers liked the design enough that they made up some lore and through them into the game. I guess it's not impossible, but there isn't a whole lot of variety you can get from customising polar bears, they're a bit too similar to the charr and even worse, would probably draw some very close comparisons to another MMO that recently introduced a panda race.

The tengu are pretty much a sure fire thing though. They're teased numerous times through-out the game and just before release in the new content they added for GW1. They have their own city just outside of Lions Arch that we currently can't get into, they have four factions just like the other playable races (3 character choices and one evil faction as an excuse to have tengu enemies), there's plenty of variety in their feather patterns and their body structure is pretty much the same as the charr, meaning they could easily re-use their armour designs.

I'm pretty sure we'll see the largos sooner or later too. New content or a full on expansion focusing on underwater content is inevitable and they seem much more likely than the quaggan or hylek.

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If not the tengu, then the Hylek would be interesting to play. Tengu seem like the more likely pick though because they are the most humanoid to fit.

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Hylek all the way.

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@Zollington: Hylek are awesome, i would like to play as them also, but i like the Koda a lot more, i mean their polar bear humanoids, pretty beast

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If anything, I feel like the kodan are way less likely to become playable, since norn already have the whole "be a giant fucking bear" thing sewn up. Largos and tengu seem like shoe-ins for the eventual underwater and Canthan expansions, respectively, and hylek would work for Elona. What I'd really like to see as a long-shot are playable centaurs, if the insane logistics could somehow be worked out.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: Yeah, they did rule out the centaurs because of animation problems, but I'd really love for them to be added eventually. They did a lot of interesting things with the centaurs in GW1, it's a shame to see them reduced to basically just being nameless enemies this time around.

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I can definitively see the Tengu being the next race based on the fact they were almost playable to begin with and the fact there are 3 entrances to the Dominion of Winds already, just sealed off. Also, they're awesome.

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Tengu all the way, yo.

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A Quaggan in full CoF gear. Done.

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