Hoelbrak Keg Brawl

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I briefly thought about Keg Brawl, but I failed to actually go and check it out. To clarify, Keg Brawl is one of the various announced capital city diversions, and it was available for play during this past weekend's BWE3. It's pretty much a Capture the Flag variant, just with standardized moves across the board. I found this neat little video on it (via Gamebreaker.tv). Looking forward to playing it for myself come release.

Makes me wonder what it'll yield in terms of rewards. Everything's more fun, if you're getting paid - yeah? Maybe it'll even impact sPvP rank?

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Oh, wow, I didn't even remember Keg Brawl was in the beta. Looks pretty fun.

@Seppli said:

Maybe it'll even impact sPvP rank?

If you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see his PvP glory rank is there, but when the match finishes he doesn't gain any. It's probably for the best that mini-games don't turn into rank farms, anyway.

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I'm going to be rolling a norn on release, so I wanted to save it for then. Looks interesting though.

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I played a couple games of it over the weekend. We lost both of them. Because your whole hotbar changes it does take a bit of getting used to. Though I imagine once you figured it all out it would be a lot of fun. Hopefully there will be more stuff like this in game at release.

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Keb Brawl was really fun. You don't get any rewards for it except achievements, but I still spent several hours playing it.

@TorgoGrooves89: You can practice like he showed in the beginning of the video. If you do that the game shouldn't be hard to get used to.

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This reminds me of the Christmas events in GW1 with a combination of the Dwarven dungeon in EotN where you just have your brass knuckles. Looks like fun!

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It was pretty amazing, only problem we had was getting into the same game with 4 of us queueing. It might be easier with more games running though.

The whole thing just goes to show how they can implement a lot of cool stuff outside the established sPVP/PvE/WvW formats.

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Heard it was a complete blast, particularly if you play with a coordinated team.

And to think.. ArenaNet plans to launch with thirty (30) of these.

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Hopefully they re-tune the Hunger Games finale event and reintroduce it as an event type.

So bizarre, yet amazing.

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So I finally got around to doing some Keg Brawling of my own.

Get on it - now! It's bloody flippin' amaze-o-ring! You how games should be about fun? Keg Brawl is about fun. There's nothing to Keg Brawl other than fun. Kegs and kegs of fun! You surely are already aware that kegs are a great source of fun? Well - kegs just got a whole lot funner! Secret ingredient? Brawling.

If fun ain't enough - 'chievos. Go get!

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I loved this mini game. We were down 3 to 10 and came back to win once our team started to learn the mechanics.

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