Is it worth playing through the original games?

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I played the game back around 05 and have recently gotten interested in it again. I don't know anyone who plays them anymore, and I can't recover my account, so I would be starting fresh. So, are the games still worth getting at this point? And if so, how much of the campaigns can you solo with the ai companions?

Any other tips for a newbie are appreciated.

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I'm probably biased, but I think that they're totally still worth getting. The main question you'd have to ask yourself is if you'd want to play after GW2 releases, but they're different enough that I think it wouldn't be too unthinkable. Plus, it's relatively cheap to get them all in various bundle deals.
There's a couple of ways to go about playing through the games, depending on your needs. If you want to follow the story along linearly, then you should go Prophecies -> Factions -> Nightfall -> Eye of the North. If you want to be able to solo most of the content efficiently, which requires getting all of the heroes (henchmen just don't cut it in most Dungeons or Hard Mode content) and PvE skills up front, then go Nightfall (make sure to grab the Epilogue quests for the heroes you're missing) -> EotN -> Factions -> Prophecies. As far as stuff that simply can't be done with AI partners, nearly all of the Elite Missions require too much intelligent coordination. Sorrow's Furnace and the Fissure of Woe are the exceptions. The rest will more than likely tear you to shreds without either other people or very, very specific hero builds. Of course, you can just avoid that content altogether if you so desire.
Also, the Guild Wars Beyond stuff - Zinn's Task, War in Kryta, Hearts of the North, and Winds of Change - can get fairly intensive if you haven't got basic gameplay completely nailed down. I'd recommend doing that stuff only once you've finished all of the campaigns. You get a couple of heroes for them, but you'll have so many by that point it won't matter, plus the characters and story become way more relevant if you have the backstory.
That's all I can think of right now. Just ask if you any specific questions. Hope you enjoy the game!

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Honestly? I'd say don't bother. To some extent I do so to provide a counterpoint to Dark's statement, but it was also my gut reaction.

Having recently gone back and played some GW1, I would say that it doesn't really hold up to today's stock of games. By this I don't mean all of the MMOs around as most of the bigger ones are getting rather long in the tooth, SWTOR excluded. I'm talking about the highly rated games of 2010/11/12. If your time is valuable to you, and assuming you don't just have a big old hankering for some online-rpg goodness, I'd look elsewhere for entertainment.

Aside from the debatable relative quality of the original's gameplay, the storyline doesn't really follow through between this and the next game. Sure, there will be references to the original guildwars in 2, but the plot occurs hundreds of years later and has an entirely different main characters and antagonist(s). The inter-race politics and general nostalgia are the only things which you would really be missing by making the skip. In short, you would have to have a Vinny Caravella-level commitment to holism in order to really need to play the first guild wars before jumping into 2.

Plus, 2 isn't that far away. Unless you have a huge bunch of free time, I doubt you could get through all of the content before the second comes out.

If you DO decide to go back and play GW1, though, heed Dark's comments - especially the directive to do Nightfall first to get heroes. Note that there are a number of complete hero builds out there on the net to help you through the harder content.

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I was in the same boat. I bought the original in 2005, played it awhile but lost interest. I just came back a few months ago and tried to recover my account. The customer support was really helpful. I didn't have any of my information, but they gave me the benefit of the doubt. I would say try anyways. Your '05 character will have some pretty cool anniversary gifts waiting you can sell for gold in game or "import" into GW2.

After getting my character back I bought the trilogy along with the Eye of the North and I'm having a good time. It starts off slow but a quarter the way through you can jump ahead in content and get powerful hero characters you weren't meant to have in Prophecies and Factions making the game super easy. The game can be played in chunks so I come back and do a mission every few days. I say as long as you play casually it can be a good time.

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If you want to; but it's not necessary.

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Definitely not necessary, GW2 takes place 250 years later and the story has moved on quite considerably. There's likely going to be a lot of little references you'd miss, but I don't think it would hurt the experience.

GW1 was never a game for everyone, it's not really an MMO and uses mechanics many would find strange, especially 7 years after its release. You can get through the whole game using A.I. companions, but it's not an easy game and it requires a fair bit of investment. You definitely wouldn't be able to fill out the Hall of Monuments before release by yourself, if that's your intention (although you should easily be able to get some of the points).

If you played it before, liked it and want to see more of the lore now, I'd say yeah, go for it. But if you're trying to force your way through it just for the GW2 rewards, I think you'd struggle.

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@VanillaPlant: I just ordered all the expansions and recovered my 6 year old character to start earning 30/50 Hall of Monuments points in time for GW2 and to enjoy the story and such that the original game has to offer.

It's definitely not necessary to enjoy GW2 but there are bonuses, GW1 is a pretty fun game and it's all soloable if you have the expansions because as others have said you get hero characters that can be completely customised. All you do is gather the hero characters and copy a build template online that gives you a party that can essentially steamroll all the campaigns (hard mode requires more attention), you can then enjoy everything the game has to offer at your own pace whenever you like, earning rewards for GW2 along the way.

You can see the Hall of Monuments rewards here. You stop getting item rewards after 30 points and from then on it will just be titles for your GW2 character so that's why I'm only aiming for 30/50.

For me personally, I think the time it takes to get these purely cosmetic rewards for GW2 is worth it. Already I'm itching for some prestige over other GW2 players when it's finally released so I'd really consider how enticing that is to you before deciding on playing GW1, because the story stuff is pretty far removed in the grand scheme of things.

If you enjoy whirlwind tours through old games you could probably have a good time, It's totally not necessary for GW2 though.

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Uh no it isn't worth it. Unless you are some kind of person who wants to do it to unlock stuff in GW2 that is really purely cosmetic. GW1 looks old, plays old, and is pretty much old old. No one will recommend you go pick it up unless they have nostalgia value. Save your money for the sequel or a more enjoyable current game you can play because you actually want to play it not for a cosmetic title in a different game.

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No one plays it anymore, so you'll be soloing most content. The place was already pretty desolate when I stopped playing in 2006. Beating the later content with henchmen was impossible so you needed a human party. The hero system that Dark_Lord_Spam mentioned seems to have fixed that though.

I wouldn't bother getting it personally. Half the fun of playing an online RPG is playing it with an active community.

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@UssjTrunks: Actually, there's recently been an up-spike in the game population, probably from more people getting interested in GW2 and wanting to unlock HoM rewards for themselves.
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@Karkarov said:

Uh no it isn't worth it. Unless you are some kind of person who wants to do it to unlock stuff in GW2 that is really purely cosmetic. GW1 looks old, plays old, and is pretty much old old. No one will recommend you go pick it up unless they have nostalgia value. Save your money for the sequel or a more enjoyable current game you can play because you actually want to play it not for a cosmetic title in a different game.

I wouldn't say it's dated, it's held up better than WoW and I'd still say it's better than Old Republic or Rift.

But like I said, the mechanics are very different from most MMO's and aren't something everyone will appreciate. It was designed as a PVP game, not a huge world you can explore.

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