Is the beta launcher will work for the release?

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#1 Posted by Darklight (222 posts) -

Sorry if this question was already answered but I can't find any info on this right now. If I update the launcher I used for the beta will it work at release or do I have to download it again?

Also I did not follow the news on the game but do anyone know if they released a feature to link the GW2 account to an other GW1 account? To be more precise, i had 2 GW 1 account and I linked on the wrong one when I bought GW2. When I asked support about this a while ago they said it is something they were working on but I never saw the option on the site.

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#2 Posted by TheHT (14807 posts) -

The same launcher will work.

I'm not sure about the account linking.

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Yeah just keep updating your launcher and that is what will be used at release.

As for your other account, I am not sure. I would suggest either live chatting with an employee since I found that to be extremely useful and quick when I had issues. They helped me work out my problem.

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#4 Posted by Marz (6072 posts) -

the beta launcher will update the game to the current version. So yeah if you still have the beta client, it will update to retail.

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#5 Posted by Turkalurch (234 posts) -

Launcher of the beta is should be release working launcher yes.

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#6 Posted by Jazz_Lafayette (3897 posts) -

I'm not sure if it's implemented yet, but it's been said that people who didn't link a GW1 account when they created their GW2 account will have the opportunity to do so. I imagine that means you'll be able to change what's hooked up on your end, too, though as others have said: the best way to find out is to contact support directly.

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#7 Posted by Benny (2009 posts) -

That thing that lets you link your guild wars 1 account is on the way and will probably be announced this week along with a glut of other information they said would be released throughout this week.

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#8 Posted by Darklight (222 posts) -

Alright! Thank for the help guys, appreciate it.

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