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Sup fellow [BOMB]ers, this thread is basically here to give y'all the lowdown on guild events that the officers are running, so you know when and where they are, as well as who to contact if you have any questions. For a full list of officers and their in-game names, check the official guild thread. If you have any ideas for events or want to request any changes to the current ones we are running, feel free to throw your ideas in this thread.

Events We Are Currently Running

1. Thurbsday Night Throwdown

What is it? A run through WvW, striking down as many enemy invaders as we can. We usually try to end the night with a guild bounty mission.

When is it? Thursday nights at 5PM Server Time (Pacific US)

Who is running it?@thurbleton

2. Saturday Night Shenanigans

What is it? We attempt at least one of each type of guild mission that we have available. At this time this is both bounties and guild treks, but we are close to unlocking guild rushes as well. Afterwards we usually run around PvE for a bit and do something like a jumping puzzle or mini-dungeon as a large group.

When is it? Saturday nights at 6PM Server Time (Pacific US)

Who is running it? Yours truly as well as @thurbleton, @raios, and @aterangelus

3. Karaoke Night

What is it? We all hang out on mumble and sing dumb songs together with the help of a jukebox on the server. We usually run a dungeon to go along with the singing. Adult beverages are also usually involved. Check out the Karaoke Night thread over here for more details as well as some...interesting video.

When is it? These have less of a strict schedule, but they usually occur either Friday Nights around 7PM Server or Saturday after Saturday Night Shenanigans. Just PM me to see if we are hosting one that week.

Who is running it? Me, with occasional help from @crusarian

4. Fractal Fridays

What is it? Want to get into Fractals but can't find a low-level group? Or are you simply scared of getting yelled at by angry randoms for not knowing some minute detail of some fractal? Fear no more! Our fractal experts are here to get you on the path to Fractal glory. We will try to do lower level runs as to get as many people as possible involved, but the exact difficulty level will depend on the level of the people in the group and what they want to run. We can even run multliple groups at once if demand is high enough, so no need to worry about missing out if the first group fills up or if it is too high level.

When is it? Friday Nights at 6PM Server Time (Pacific US). Depending on turnout, we might make this every other week or once a month. If this is something you want us to do every week, let us know by showing up!

Who is running it? Our resident Fractal Master @aterangelus as well as myself, in addition to any other officers that want to run a group.

Events We Would Like to Run

1. sPvP Night

We are looking for an awesome guild member to step up and run a Structured PvP night for the guild. We totally have some people that are interested in sPvP, but a lot of the other officers either don't know enough to host an event or are caught up in other things to host one. Think you have what it takes? Let us know! You don't have to be the best PvPer out there. In fact, you don't even have to be good at all! All we ask is that you put on a fun event for fellow members, whether we all win or lose.

2. One-Time Special Events

These are probably my favorite events to plan and to host. I ran a fair amount of special events in GW1, including a game-wide scavenger hunt that resulted in some really nice (and expensive!) prizes for the winners. I would like to do something like this for our guild, or even Yak's Bend as a whole. The cool thing about these is that, say we decide to run a large scavenger hunt for the server, the whole guild could get involved in the planning as well as the event itself. It is events like these, ones where your level or skill don't really matter at all, that can really bring a guild together for a great time. This category is the one I really want people's feedback on, because the more ideas we have for these special events the crazier and more awesome they will be!

As stated above, feel free to comment on any of the above events, or feel free to suggest your own! Thanks for your time


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Can low-level players join guild missions too? I don't play too often so my highest-level character is still at 40 something.

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Can low-level players join guild missions too? I don't play too often so my highest-level character is still at 40 something.

I don't think there is a level restriction on the guild missions. I think the issue you will have is not having all the waypoints to jump around the world with everyone. This is the problem I had during the first event I was apart of. I still don't have all the waypoints so I run into this issue still.

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@audiobusting: Yeah though so far they seem to involve a lot of map hopping and knowing the geography, so the more of the map you have explored, the better.

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@audiobusting: I'll echo what @edulleand @alanm26v5have said and state that there really isnt a level req for any of the events. It comes down to luck of the draw. For example, we could get a bounty in a lower level area or we could get one in Frostgorge (a lvl 70-80 area). It all comes down to which one(s) the game decides to throw at us.

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@audiobusting I would suggest still logging on if you're interested. Even if you can't get to an area for a guild mission the event afterwards is a lot of fun. We all group and just run around random areas completing random events. It will get you a lot of XP and help you open up some areas of the map you might not have. The PVE runarounds I have been a part of have all started either near Lion's Arch or another home city that is easy to get to.

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I'm dangerously close to saying I'll run sPvP night. But then I'd have to abandon my grand ambitions for neat holiday and community events (though it sounds like you've put some thought in that, Shin).

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@edulle: Good to hear =D I'll probably join the Saturday event, then.

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@dark_lord_spam: Just to give an idea of the stuff I was involved in back in the GW1 days, I managed to find the thread for one Masquerade Ball I was a part of. The guild [WTF] in that thread was the one I ran and we were part of the [SCAR] Alliance that donated most of the prizes and ran most of it. Not saying we have to do something this crazy (and honestly I doubt we even could!) but it gives you an idea of how cool these events can be.

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The lack of waypoints for some folks is one of the reasons we do the PvE 'run around' to end the night. Sure we're cheesing events and having fun but ideally we're also getting folks into zones they haven't been yet and perhaps will someday have future bounties in so they can join in on all the guild missions.

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I'm terrible at sPvP!

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@shinboy630: Oh, man. I remember the Ascalon Royal Ball; one of the annual community events I always tried to show up for. Cool to know you were a part of making that happen!

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Just a heads up that Saturday Night Shenanigans is tonight! Events kick off at 6PM Server time, but gather up before that way we can start right away without leaving anyone behind. We usually meet up in Gendarran Fields (just walk north out of Lion's Arch). I hope to see a lot of you in-game and on mumble tonight!

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Updated the OP, moving Fractal Fridays to an active event. First one will be this week, so make sure to join us! (NOTE: the time is subject to change)

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Looking forward to Friday. I haven't done any Fractals yet.

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Is the difficulty progression more or less Story Mode Dungeons < Explorable Mode Dungeons < Fractals? I'm currently in rare quality gear and have been working on finishing the story modes so I can start explorables and start farming tokens for exotics. I'm interested in getting into fractals and farming ascended gear eventually, just not sure when's the best time to start.

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@alanm26v5: It really depends on the dungeon. Level 1 or 2 fractals are easy compared to some explorable modes, but something like CoF explorable mode is one of the easier things in the game (at least for path 1 and 2). I would say the best time to start doing fractals is one of these events, because they are there to ease people into them and to teach them how they are done, so no need to worry if your gear isn't the best or if you haven't nailed down your build yet.

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I can start hosting "Storytime Sundays" again - basically just running people who need it through a story dungeon or two on Sundays. This will probably work best when done by request - so if you would like to run a particular story mode send me a message in game or on here letting me know.

Seeing as I will be preoccupied with the always amazing Game of Thrones from 9-10 EST for a while, I'll set the default time for this to about 10:15 EST, 7:15 server. I will usually be up for running something Sunday afternoon as well if you can't make that.

Getting a full group for these can be kind of tricky, so if you request a dungeon I encourage you to help with other story mode groups as well!

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Thanks to everyone for sticking with it through the 5 failed Guild Challenges last night! Just a heads up I believe Arah Story Mode is featured for tonight's Story Mode Sunday. Also, we are hosting an event! Just PM me in game for details (Shinboy). All donations for prizes and whatnot can go in the guild Deep Cave (bottom part of the guild bank).

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Now that the semester is drawing to a close for a lot of the students in the guild, activity is starting to pick up a bit compared to the last couple months (when a lot of people were taking a break and playing other games/doing other things). We are looking to start doing guild missions and more organized dungeon/fractal runs on the weekends and on certain other nights. Log in or hop on mumble and see what's up!

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