Nice work Wuv Wuv Friday

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As a special treat for how good we did, I got us a little present to memorialize the day

We do world vs world on Friday and Saturday. We are also trying to start up a Wednesday night for some weekday fun.

We are also interested in a nighttime/oceanic group forming up.

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You claimed Stonemist? Thurb .... you're an animal ...

You should snag the screens of the ~20 golem run that got posted on the official forums. Memorialize it.

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What.... Are we just kicking butt in WvW this week that badly? Sad to have missed it. Real life is a bitch.

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@Thurbleton: I just logged in to check and surprisingly we still have it. I don't know if that first night demoralized Gates of Madness and Sanctum of Rall or what exactly is going on, but we're doing quite well. We're at 40,000 Sanctum of Rall is at 16,000 and Gates of Madness is at 13,000. However, most of our work in GoM BL has been undone.

Editing in the Stonemist and march of the golems screens.

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#5 Posted by UssjTrunks (549 posts) -

@Thurbleton said:

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#6 Posted by Lagaroth (186 posts) -

Update: We lost Stonemist. And are currently in last in prospective points.


45k - Yak's Bend - 1 Orb

20k - Sanctum of Rall - 1 Orb

15k - Gates of Madness - 1 Orb

We seem to be falling apart in Gates Borderlands.

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#7 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1709 posts) -

Thoughts of my ringtone fueled the push Yak's Bend made. I take all the credit.

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#8 Posted by Lagaroth (186 posts) -

Update 2: We are falling way behind Sanctum of Rall. They have, at the time of this post, +585 Potential Points. We have +95.


69k - Sanctum of Rall - 2 Orbs

61k - Yak's Bend - 0 Orbs

28k - Gate of Madness - 1 Orb

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