The Lincolncast Episode 4: Regular Programming?

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The Lincolncast Episode 4: Regular Programming?

Hey guys!

For those who don't know, this is the Giant Bomb community's Guild Wars 2 podcast (made by our guild, Lincoln Force). This week, we're introducing our regular crew and our regular format - and No0b0rAmA is hosting? Does everything go to hell? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT.

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Show Notes

Music:“Zombie Nation” by Jose Travieso via Creative Commons License

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Run time: 2:02:57


  • Fry's is the only place to get your release information
  • Some story about a girl and her dog
  • The inevitable name-hoarding gold rush
  • Everyone gets stressed and Noob bluescreens
  • We speculate wildly upon dates
  • Listener feedback.

Enjoy! (and feel free to leave some criticism) - or @TheLincolncast on Twitter

Note: Oh, and after editing the podcast I think I need to clarify that no, I'm not dying (it's just a cold) and yes, I will return to the hosting seat next week [Cynic]


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#2 Posted by Jazz_Lafayette (3897 posts) -

Awesome possum. Hoping for some fringe release date conspiracy theories.

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#3 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2991 posts) -

@Dark_Lord_Spam: Hah, yeah we do get into a bit of that. When do you think you'll get your mic? I'd love to get you on. (I didn't have the time to organise guests this week, and I also wanted to have a show with just the new cast)

Also, got the iTunes listing updated, youtube up and alternative download link up.

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#4 Posted by Tarkhein (72 posts) -

I find the anti-gold cost in World vs World quite interesting. Apart from the siege weapon blueprints, everything else is a once off cost (except when you re-take a point), and all players in PvE and WvW already earn coin through events. More to the point, PvP items can't be bought with gems, period. Structured PvP has it's own currency and all those items are soulbound. By paying real life cash, all you really get is an offensive boost through siege weapon blueprints; except the defense has the advantage (NPCs, anti-siege weapons and notification that x point is under attack) and all benefits from 'winning' are wiped every two weeks anyway. Last point, this isn't even balanced PvP, the devs have acknowledged that situations such as 3 vs 300 can occur. World vs World is the Alliance Battles of GW2. If you truly want structured PvP, you have it, and World vs World is not it.

Beyond that, there's also the conversion costs between real money and gems, then gems to in game gold. For a personal benefit level, it's far more effective to use it to boost your character/account through boosters, mystic keys etc than it is to boost the offense of your server for very very slight benefits. I remember during the beta/stress test, Yak's Bend was only getting +2% crafting and slightly higher endurance regeneration, despite its huge lead against the other two servers. Even assuming collaboration on such a large scale that you take every single point on the map, the bonuses as shown on the screen don't seem all that strong.

I can understand the idea of being against the use of money in a PvP area that could potentially boost performance, but given the point above, I don't think it's a major issue.

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There are a couple of elements of your argument that I disagree with.

First and foremost, I'm not one to take the "WvW is temporary, it doesn't matter who wins" stance. The very fact that you phrased it as " 'winning' " pretty much underlines the differences in our views there. When it comes to WvW, it's a case of getting out of it what you put into it. Sure, it's inherently unbalanced, but assuming that matchmaking goes well then WvW has the potential to be many times as competitive as Structured PvP. This is a result of two main reasons, the first of which is that the barrier to entry is much lower, allowing for more people to get into it - many of whom will go on to become very good at it. The second reason is that the elements of strategy / coordination play out on both the large and small scales which increases its potential complexity extraordinarily. As such, it matters to me if we win this two week set, as I am willing to try and reach for those potentials in WvW - and I want to win the next one too, and the next one thereafter. Thus, for me and many others, your second paragraph is almost entirely invalid as the personal benefit gotten through succeeding in WvW isn't the bloody 2% crafting bonus, it's WINNING.

That aside, a minor point though it is, remember that WvW doesn't change your gear (unlike structured) - so in this case, your PvE items (which CAN be purchased indirectly through buying gems) are the same as those you engage in PvP with, so you're partially wrong there. This does translate to an advantage to real-money-users in WvW for the first couple of months of the game (though what one person can do is quite limited in WvW). Of course, after the player base reaches a steady state, so when most people have finished the game at least once, things like gear disparity will sort themselves out due to the defined stat-ceiling of GW2.

The only point which you are entirely wrong on is the comparative strength of offence vs defence in WvW. The attacking party has the largest advantage possible in warfare available to them - surprise. No matter what you do in WvW, the points you hold are always subject to being lost as you simply can't man all of them. The ability to purchase, as just one example, siege golem plans for gold and mass manufacturing them by taking supply camps (the easiest to cap, and least defensible) could prove an almost unbeatable strategy. Golems would make capturing even a keep lightning fast and a cakewalk when used in numbers. For those who don't know, these are mobile siege weapons which are very easy to sneak around and deal very good damage (to structures anyway).

In any case, I'm running out of steam as it's 3am, but to me, I believe there are definitely valid reasons to just not bring real world money (ie gold costs) into WvW. (I didn't even go into the possible usage of arrow carts for defence and having the money to create way-points)

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