The Lincolncast Episode 53: Wavy Hands

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The Lincolncast Episode 53: Wavy Hands

(GW2 talk runs till 1h 28mins) This episode is another surprisingly on-topic one where we chat about the rather pleasant recent content update to GW2 and the great new direction Arenanet went with the tone of it. We follow that up with a retrospective/predictions topic regarding storytelling in GW2, where it's been, where it's going and what we'd like to see more of. Finally, we've all been playing a bunch of games and Noob has a bone to pick with Elysium!

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Show Notes

Music: "Super Adventure Box: Main Theme" by Maclaine Diemer & Leif Chappelle

Featured Members: @thurbleton, @no0b0rama, @selfconfessedcynic

Run time: 02:29:30

Topics for the week:

  • The Closing Ceremony is one of the best additions to GW2 in a while from a story POV.
  • We chat about how it worked / didn't work and if we'd like to see more of this.
  • We touch upon the other changes in this update briefly before launching into our main topic: Storytelling in GW2
  • Should GW2 stay black and white or "go grey"?
  • after 1:28h we move on to what we've been watching and playing (including Divekick and more Gone Home, Tales of Xillia and the original Bioshock).


Enjoy! Also, feel free to leave some criticism or feedback - or @TheLincolncast on Twitter


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