Twilight Arbor Dungeon Reveal from PCGamer

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Here's a link to a post by someone on Guru who just received the latest issue of PCGamer - complete with an article on another GW2 dungeon. I personally don't have a subscription, and obviously I wouldn't want to post scans of the magazine even if I did, but here are the highlights as told by the poster:
  • it's a level 50 dungeon
  • Caithe is the Destiny's Edge member that will accompany you in Story Mode; Logan and Rytlock will also make appearances
  • your primary foe will be the Nightmare Court
  • one of the unique skills common to trash mobs will be an archer's shot that can knock you back into "the abyss"
  • each boss is based on an emotion
  1. Sariel, Knight of Remorse: will focus on one target to batter constantly
  2. Graingor, Knight of Horror: will use Fear to push you off of his island
  3. Catiern, Knight of Envy: is a mesmer and will use illusions
  • there a room filled with plant cannons, and if two spot you apparently "you're done"; there will also be more conventional traps
  • there's a cavern with a lake and three islands in the middle; evidently it takes 5-10 minutes to run the circumference and up to an hour to explore the depths
  • there are dynamic encounters and rewards under the water, like a giant fish mini-boss
  • in explorable mode, you will pick from three paths and must defeat new Nightmare Court foes
  • about 10 dynamic events occur each time you run a dungeon; these range from hidden chests to a troll ambush

If anyone gets the new issue, feel free to post additional information that you think is pertinent!

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Ah, so we've now got an idea of what to expect with the Sylvari themed dungeon, awesome. The lore behind the Nightmare Court is fascinating, I can see myself enjoying this dungeon a lot.

I love how there're even dynamic events inside these dungeons, not just the set path to the end boss. The more I hear, the more I want to just get into the game and play, so at least we're getting noticeably closer to release now.

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The Nightmare Court is definitely one of my favourite lore aspects of the game, Caithe and Faolain's relationship makes it all the better. Logan already managed to screw the team over by hanging out with his girlfriend when he should have been doing more important things, I wonder if we're going to see a similar dilemma with Caithe.

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I have no knowledge of GW2, its lore or anything else related to it but I like what I'm reading.

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