World vs World: Now with ranks! (Are you back in?)

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With the March update came a few changes to the world vs world scene. First and foremost what was once The update for WvW is now The first with more on the way eventually. (Do we think this is PR backpedaling or just stuff that didn't make this update but already in development?)

Chief among the changes is a slider to adjust how much culling, the delay until models such as the enemy warrior beating his mace on your skull load for you, we experience. Even down to having no player models load and just providing nameplates. Culling has been a heated topic in the WvW community as a cheezing mechanic that makes tactical groups get stomped by zerg tactics (1. Get people 2. Get more 3. Run around 4. Profit)

The other big change is ANet's (first) big attempt to offer more direct rewards to individual players who compete in the form of a ranking system. Previously, the only rewards were the standard xp, coin, and karma with the occasional badge to buy more siege (or get exotics that are the same quality as token gear from AC 35). The other reward being gaining small percentage bonuses for your server (increased HP or chance to crit on crafting for example)

The ranking system not only adds new titles to the game for players to strive for but also individual passive increases similar to the server side bonuses your team is fighting for. Buffs such as improved damage to/from siege and guards as well as the ability to carry more supply.

So, what is everyone's thoughts on these changes?
What do you think was unnecessary or needed to be expanded upon?
Will this bring you back into WvW?


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I never left, Thurb.

(i never left)

The WXP gain for people not running in a zerg does seem - at my initial impression - to be a little on the slow side, but the culling removal is just tops in terms of sense of scale. Hopefully, they'll expand the catalog of skins available from the armor and weapon merchants. It seems to be a bunch of mid-tier stuff right now, and WvW diehards deserve as much diversity as PvE players get.

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You took my fucking line! Also fucken biggest Zerg fights I have ever been in lately, my fps got down to 14. Woo!

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