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278131 Deathawk Game Overview 12/22/16 07:49PM 2 Approved
149045 Syndrifter Game Overview 12/08/14 06:27PM 5 Approved
131405 seakae Game Overview 08/24/14 01:33PM 2 Approved
111031 Valestis Game Overview 05/31/14 05:24PM 13 Approved
111028 Valestis Game Overview 05/31/14 05:20PM 9 Approved
104417 OroYoke Game Overview Fire shaman are enemy NPCs from the video game Guild Wars 2. 05/05/14 06:45PM 24 Denied
99844 clorex Game Overview Added missing platform in game details sidebar 04/14/14 08:57AM 2 Approved
61969 samanthademeste Game Overview 10/10/13 08:10AM 8 Approved
58036 MicRas Game Overview Added some information regarding the "Living World" concept that is a very important part of the GW2 update structure. 09/19/13 04:04AM 37 Approved
38490 GiantBombardier Game Overview I added one more novel under "Additional Guild Wars 2 Source Material". 06/25/13 03:12PM 2 Approved
5051 Jazz_Lafayette Game Overview Generally revamped the page, removing or updating out-of-date info, editing for style and grammar, and filling in the most obvious gaps in knowledge. 02/18/13 08:29AM 186 Approved
1974 pr1mus Game Overview Added windows and mac system requirements. 02/14/13 11:22AM 49 Approved
1365 dungbootle Game Overview 02/13/13 11:48AM 6 Approved
1133 Tearhead Game Releases 02/13/13 05:35AM 6 Approved

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