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    Guild Wars: Nightfall

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 27, 2006

    Guild Wars: Nightfall is the second Guild Wars expansion that opens up new dungeons, monsters and introduces "Heroes" which are henchmen that you customize and control.

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    Guild Wars: Nightfall takes place on the continent of Elona, adding a descent into the Realm of Torments towards the end of the plot. Information on core Guild Wars gameplay and character classes can be found here.

    PvP Game Types:

    Hero Battles (HB):

    The only form of 1v1 PvP combat available in Guild Wars, Hero Battles allow players to face off with their choice of 3 NPC heroes. The goal is simply to reach 20 points before your opponent does. Points are awarded either for killing your opponents or for capturing and holding the Shrines spread around the map. Winning matches rewards players with points towards their Commander title.

    (NOTE: As of the October 2009 updates, HB was retired along with Team Arenas (TA) and replaced with Codex Arena.

    Character Classes

    In addition to the six core classes, Nightfall players also have access to two entirely new ones.


    The Paragon class
    The Paragon class

    The Paragon is a natural born leader who uses chants to aid his allies and defeat opponents and throwing spears to attack the enemy. Paragons can attack at half the range of Rangers and casters, allowing it to both attack the enemy and support its team with its shouts and chants while avoiding melee damage at the same time. Despite having a low energy recovery, Paragons can use a large quantity of shouts and chants due to its primary attribute. The Paragon works equally well as a support character or attacker, and has an armor bonus rivaling that of the Warrior's. Also similar to a Warrior, many of its attack skills in Spear Mastery use adrenaline, which charges as damage is done or received. All of these factors come together to make a solid class that can play a variety of roles on any team.


    Leadership (Primary) - increases energy gained whenever a shout or chant ends

    Spear Mastery - increases damage with spears and chance of critical hits

    Command - increases effectiveness of Command skills (mainly shouts and chants that buff the party)

    Motivation - increases effectiveness of Motivation skills (mainly shouts and chants that heal the party or remove conditions)

    Energy: 30

    Energy Recovery: 2

    Armor: 80

    Armor Bonus: 10 Energy


    The Dervish class
    The Dervish class

    The Dervish is a scythe wielding class that can use earth and wind prayers in addition to its scythe to damage opponents. The Dervish also has the unique ability to take on God forms which give very effective bonuses such as not being affected by conditions or losing a hex every time it uses a skill, and it also uses its primary attribute Mysticism to cast and maintain a large amount of enchantments on itself. The Dervish's scythe has the best single hit damage in the game, often being able to hit for a quarter or even a third of the enemy's health in one hit, which lethally pairs with its ability to inflict deep wound, removing an additional 20% of their enemy's total health. The scythe can also hit all the targets in its sweep radius, making the Dervish a solid PvE class as well. Dervishes also have access to fairly formidable healing spells, so its dual role as a powerful melee attacker and a healer makes Dervishes effective and versatile units to have on your team.

    AttributesMysticism (Primary) - increases health and energy gain whenever an enchantment ends

    Scythe Mastery - increases damage with scythe and chance of critical hits

    Earth Prayers - increases effectiveness of Earth Prayers skills (mainly defensive enchantments)

    Wind Prayers - increases effectiveness of Wind Prayers skills (mainly offensive enchantments)

    Energy: 25

    Energy Recovery: 4

    Armor: 70

    Armor Bonus: 25 Health, 5 Energy


    In addition a new storyline and 2 new classes, Nightfall offers around 250 new skills. That is:

    • 75 skills for each of the new professions, The Dervish and The Paragon
    • 25 skills for the other professions, including the 6 original professions and the Assassin and Ritualist from the Factions campaign
    • Some Temporary Mission Based skills, and Title Based skills

    Armor & Weapons

    With the Nightfall campaign, Many armor types are unlocked. There are Several for each Profession, but they all have the same basic styles:

    • Ancient
    • Istani
    • Sunspear
    • Elite Sunspear
    • Primeval
    • Vabbian

    Many weapons are also unlocked, mostly dropped from "Bosses" and offered referred to as Green weapons due their Unique status.

    Title Tracks

    Nightfall also introduced two sets of title tracks and the reward of skills as you progressed through them. The tracks are Sunspear and Lightbringer, and point are awarded for them by completing themed quests or defeating enemies in certain areas after acquiring the bounty for them.

    Bounty is earned after talking to the keepers at each respawn shrine and grant rewards for killing certain enemy types - for example, a Sunspear bounty might be for killing skale, or corsairs, or bugs. Lightbringer bounties are reserved for servants of the dark, like djinn, margonites and creatures of torment.

    Advancing in the ranks of either title track will unlock certain abilities and skills. The Sunspear track is limited to a handful of skills, but Lightbringer bonuses are constant, and grant you increased damage and damage-resistance to torment creatures - the Lightbringer skills are also focused in that area and cause holy damage or increased protection from margonites and Torment creatures.

    The concept of skills for title tracks was carried several steps further in Guild Wars: Eye of the North, with the Deldrimor, Asuri, Human, and Norn title tracks and their corresponding class-specific rewards.


    The music from Guild Wars Nightfall was composed by Jeremy Soule.

    The Guild Wars: Nightfall Soundtrack
    The Guild Wars: Nightfall Soundtrack

    1. Land of the Golden Sun 2:13

    2. Guardian Sunspears 3:17

    3. Lost Dynasties 3:53

    4. The Grand Cataract 1:02

    5. Gathering Storm (Extended) 3:09

    6. Festival of Lyss 3:20

    7. Desert Dwellers 1:02

    8. March of the Margonites 1:18

    9. Fortress of Jahai 2:00

    10. Pride of the Centaurs 1:00

    11. Haunted Ruins 2:20

    12. Turai's Legacy 3:10

    13. Dining in the Great Hall (Bonus) 0:47

    14. Elona's New Hope (Bonus) 0:50

    15. Path to War 1:18

    16. Tortured Souls 3:14

    17. Sunspear Assault 1:20

    18. Garden of Seborhin 4:17

    19. On Harpie's Wings 1:03

    20. The Forgotten God 2:20

    21. Corsair Armada 1:04

    22. Black Sails at Dawn 2:16

    23. Theme for Varesh (Bonus) 1:58

    24. Sulfurous Wastes 2:16

    25. The Garrison 1:09

    26. Web of Terror 3:53

    27. Invasion of Vabbi 1:10

    28. Resplendent Makuun 3:09

    29. Kormir's Theme 2:19

    30. Kournan Caravan 2:16

    31. Into the Breach 1:17

    32. Distant Battle 1:07

    33. The Makers' Song 2:12

    34. Desperate Flight 1:04

    35. Unseen Intruders 0:54

    36. Abaddon's Gift 1:10

    37. The Barricades 1:15

    38. The Five True Gods 1:08

    39. Trailer - Cries of Elona (Bonus) 2:17

    40. Trailer - Sunspears Attack! (Bonus) 2:18

    41. Alternate Theme (Bonus) 1:29

    System Requirements


    • Microsoft Windows XP/2000/ME/98
    • Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or equivalent
    • 512 MB RAM
    • CD-ROM Drive
    • 3 GB Available HDD Space
    • ATI Radeon 8500 or NVIDIA GeForce 3 Series video card with 64 MB of VRAM
    • 16-bit Sound Card
    • Internet Connection
    • Keyboard and mouse
    • DirectX 8


    • Microsoft Windows XP/2000
    • Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or equivalent
    • 1 GB RAM
    • CD-ROM Drive
    • 4 GB Available HDD Space
    • ATI Radeon 9600 or NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 series video card or above
    • 16-bit Sound Card
    • Internet Connection
    • Keyboard and mouse
    • DirectX 9

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