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A visual novel game created by Nitroplus and written by Jin Hanegaya. Guilty Crown Lost Xmas is the prequel to the anime called Guilty Crown. It will be released in Japan on May 31, 2012.


The visual novel takes place 10 years before Guilty Crown's story during the Lost Christmas event, December 25, 2029. It revolves around three main characters with code names: Scrooge, Carol, and Present. Scrooge and Carol escapes a testing facility in GHQ where Daath experimented on the two for the sake of studying human evolution. Present pursues the two. The fate of these three characters builds the foundation for the Guilty Crown series.


Main Cast

Scrooge (スクルージ) is the main character who has the King's Powers. He escapes with Carol from a testing facility that subjected him as a human test subject. Scrooge suffers from amnesia and seeks to reclaim his memories and revenge on an organization called Daath. His face bears a resemblance to Guilty Crown's main male protagonist, Shu Ouma.
Powers: His King's Powers allows him to pull out a Void from Carol only since he would cause other people to become crystallized due to the virus. Compared to Shu, Shu can pull out Voids from anyone without having them crystallized.
Voice Actor: Takahiro Sakurai
Carol (キャロル) is a human test subject who escapes with Scrooge. Her face bears a resemblance to Guilty Crown's main female protagonist, Inori Yuzuriha.
Powers: Unlike the Voids in Guilty Crown anime where everyone has one form, her Void can take multiple forms, but they are fragile. However, she does not die if her Void is crushed unlike the folks in the anime.
Voice Actress: Kana Asumi
Present (プレゼント) is an assassin who is sent to hunt down Scrooge and Carol. Her role in the game is the "Spirit of Christmas." Her face bears a resemblance to Guilty Crown's male character, Gai Tsutsugami.
Powers: Past's ability is controlling the apocalyptic crystals that are formed when a virus infects a human being.
Voice Actress: Yuu Kobayashi.
Like Present, Past represents one of the 3 ghosts in the Christmas Carol. She is the Endlave pilot whose face has not been seen yet.
Spoilers: Her true identity is Saeko Shijou, the mother of Shu and Mana Ouma, and she is in a vegetative state due to the apocalyptic virus infection. During the Lost Christmas event where Mana unleashes the Genomic Resonance throughout Japan, Saeko is seen protecting Mana and Gai when the church collapses on them.
Yet to ComeThis is a character who represents the last ghost in the Christmas Carol and remains unknown.
Spoilers: Yet to Come is the unborn child of Carol and Scrooge. The reason the baby is unborn is because Carol's womb under go crystallization when Scrooge impregnates Carol. (It's assumed that Scrooge does not have memory of having intercourse with Carol or that Carol has withheld information about their unborn child to Scrooge). The baby is reborn as a Void that Scrooge pulls out of Carol's body to use as a weapon.

Other Characters

  • Segai Waltz Makoto - (Voiced by Nobutoshi Canna in the OVA) He encounters Scrooge and Carol who are out escaping GHQ, and during the encounter, he lost his left eye in a battle. From that day, Makoto is awed by Scrooge's King's Powers.
  • Mana Ouma - She is a young girl who is the "Eve" destined to recreate the world by mating with her brother, Shu Ouma, after plunging the world in another apocalypse.
  • Haruka Ouma - She is the step mother of Mana and Shu Ouma.

Game Play

Being a visual novel, the game has some voice over dialogue, plenty of text, and some animated scenes. The game allows the player to pick options as they progressed through the story.


Limited Edition
Limited Edition

The normal edition costs 5,040 yen ($61) while the limited edition costs 7,140 Yen ($86). The limited edition includes a DVD with a 12 minute animated short, and it is animated by Productions I.G. and the script is written by Nitroplus. Other merchandise for the limited edition includes a special box, a digi-case designed by Chuuouhigashiguchi who designed the Guilty Crown End Cards, a booklet of rough sketches, and a jacket sheet from Redjuice Graphics and chief animation director Satoshi Kadowaki.

Sound Track

Guilty Crown XMas Maxi Single
Guilty Crown XMas Maxi Single

A sound track album is released on April 25, 2012. It's called Guilty Crown Lost XMAS Maxi Single. The artist is Kanako Ito and Vertueux, and the album contains 1 CD and 6 songs.

  1. Lost Control by Masahide Sakuma
  2. Isolation by Masahide Sakuma
  3. Where am I? by Hideki
  4. Lost Control instrument version
  5. Isolation instrument version
  6. Where am I? instrument version

Other Media

Guilty Crown Anime Series (2011)

Guilty Crown (2011)
Guilty Crown (2011)

Guilty Crown Lost Xmas Visual Novel is based on Guilty Crown, an anime series that premiered on Fuji TV and aired in October 14, 2011. It ended with a total of 22 episodes on March 23, 2012. It is produced by I.G. Productions and Aniplex, written by Hiroyuki Yoshino, and directed by Tetsuro Araki. Its characters are designed by Redjuice Graphics.

Manga Series

The anime had a manga adaptation that ran in Square Enix's Monthly Gangan magazine on November 2011. So far, it has 3 volumes published.


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