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    Guilty Gear XX #Reload

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Mar 26, 2003

    The first revision of Guitly Gear XX, rebalancing the character roster while adding Robo-Ky as a playable character from the start. Its console version also expands most game modes, with the Xbox version introducing online multiplayer.

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    Guilty Gear XX #Reload (pronounced "Guilty Gear XX Sharp Reload", sometimes known as "Guilty Gear XX #Reload: The Midnight Carnival", and known in overseas console versions as Guilty Gear X2 #Reload) is a 2D sci-fi fantasy fighting game developed by Arc System Works and released by Sammy for Japanese arcades (using Dreamcast-based Sega NAOMI hardware) on March 26, 2003.

    The first revision of the Guilty Gear series' third main installment, #Reload adds Robo-Ky from the console versions of the original Guilty Gear XX to the arcade roster (giving him his own movelist) while rebalancing the rest of the roster, replacing the arcade version Survival Mode with M.O.M. Mode, and changing the Burst Gauge visuals. There are no major gameplay or aesthetic changes, although taunting while in the post-KO state (called Rakusyo) now raises the opponent's Tension Gauge to 50% at the start of the next round. The game was later succeeded by Guilty Gear XX Slash.

    A console version of the game was later published in Japan for the PlayStation 2 (by Sammy on July 31, 2003), Xbox (by Microsoft Game Studios on April 29, 2004), PC (by MediaKite on July 23, 2004), and PlayStation Portable (by Sega on September 29, 2005). North America received only the Xbox version (published by Majesco on September 14, 2004), while Europe received the Xbox (on November 26, 2004), PS2 (on December 10, 2004), and PC (on March 10, 2006) versions, all published by ZOO. The PSP version was later released as part of the overseas version of Guilty Gear Judgment. The Xbox version was later re-released digitally in June 16, 2008 for the Xbox 360 (via Xbox Originals). The PC version was later re-released digitally worldwide on Steam (by KISS and Funbox Media) on September 5, 2014.

    The console versions received the majority of new content from the original Guilty Gear XX, including updated Survival and Mission Modes, and voice acting in Story Mode. The Xbox version was notable for adding online multiplayer (via Xbox Live) to the series. The Korean version is notable for including both Korean voice acting and a new soundtrack from Korean experimental-rock musician Shin Hae-chul.


    All playable characters from the original Guilty Gear XX return, although Robo-Ky is now available in the arcade version and is playable from the start in all versions. This totals to 21 characters in the arcade version and 23 in the console versions (as Kliff and Justice are unlockables).


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