Who's in this game?

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Besides Kurt, Johnny, and Shirley there isn't a big list of good artist like last year. Who else is kinda piss about this, the best main GH since 2 and the artist in the game suck, even GH 3 had better artist and it only had 2.

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Wait, what? You are missing Carlos Santana from that list but are you saying Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain suck? Well if you are referring to their presence in the game at all due to them being, uh, dead then I agree with you but you better not be talking against my man, The Man in Black. He is one of the most badass musicians of the century, at least in my eyes. And besides, how can you not like "Ring of Fire", "Walk the Line" or "Hurt"?
But I do dislike the feature that the newer Guitar Hero's have had by putting in real artists, especially those that are dead. They just walk out on stage, like Jimi Hendrix in the last one, leaving you to think, "Why am I playing as Zombie Hendrix?" The depths of the Uncanny Valley also don't do his model any favors. So, yeah, I am not pissed at all about any lack of in-game music characters and, in fact, I would rather them not be there.

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@RHCPfan24: I'm saying Kurt, Johnny, and Shirley are the only good artist in the game and it's my bad I forgot Carlos. 
Yes I'd rather have no characters, then have half assed ones.
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@SmashedControllers: Oh, okay. Haha, I went on a little rant there. I am glad you feel that way though. The characters are half-assed and I don't like their presence but Johnny Cash is still a god in my eyes.
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I don't think that Johnny Cash should be in there, both musically and artistically.  He's not rock, nor known as a "Guitar Hero" in my eyes.  He's simply The Man in Black.  Nonetheless, I think he would get a giggle out of rapping some Public Enemy.  He had a fun side. 
Nonetheless, Santana is super awesome to have in the game, but the rest can fuck right off.  Don't care about Shirley Manson's retarded ass, and Kurt needs to suck back on a virtual shotgun.

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Matt Bellamy from muse is in the game

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I play Guitar Hero to rock out. You CAN NOT rock out to Johnny Cash.

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I dunno,i dont wanna play it either.I'll just play GH3,its the same thing.

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