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Personally I don't care for these games but here's some stuff for those who do...

All the features from the PS360 versions, 8 player online, system friend codes importing, straight to SD DLC, etc. Sounds good, I guess.

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I can't wait personally.  It all sounds pretty awesome.  I will be interested to see how the DS stuff works.

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Well I'd play with you I guess. But I aint buying. So I'd have to come over.

One step closer to adoption ;d

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The Wii version will include the following:

  • DS link-up: competitive/co-op feature known as "Rodie Battle".
  • DS can also be used for a Stage Show Manager/music video creator for Mii Freestyle.
  • 8 player online support for up to 8 Wiis.
  • No in-game friends, global Wii friend code for automatic addition of address book friends.
  • No Wii system memory needed to download songs.
  • Share creations in GH Tunes via WC24.
  • Mii Freestyle returns alongside GH Tunes.
  • Party Play mode for drop-in/drop-out play.

Thanks to GoNintendo

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Another IGN preview, it seems that the Wii version will be the best of the bunch. Some interesting bits of info, like the new Nintendo WFC shenanigans which will be available by Nintendo to all developers from now on, and the fact they collaborated for some of the technology...
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@Al3xand3r said:
" Well I'd play with you I guess. But I aint buying. So I'd have to come over.One step closer to adoption ;d "
I keep telling people that I have my eye on adopting an 18 year old Korean girl.... sheeeesh.... listen people  :-) 
It makes sense I suppose to make the Wii version their prime focus as that is where the slaes appear to be going.   
Guitar Hero: World Tour - 
Wii - 3.1mio
360 - 2.1mio
PS3 - 1.3mio 
PS2 - 1.2mio 
You can see some trending from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (the PS2 is clearly trending down after this): 
Wii - 4.3mio 
360 - 4.3mio 
PS3 - 1.9mio 
PS2 - 4.6mio 
Realistically speaking as well, Guitar Hero (as is Rockband) are very casual games.  Sure they can hurt your brain if you play hard, but they are still broad entertainment and the Wii has that market by the short and curlies.  I have Guitar Hero on the Wii, but I am serioulsy looking at Rockband on the 360 because it is cheap now, even for the whole kit.  I may need a bigger loungeroom for all those instruments though  :-) 
Anyway, the look game is osunding excellent based on that IGN preview and it is a must buy for me.  My kids, their friends and I have a blast on it.
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Another IGN article about the Wii version of Guitar Hero 5. It's a pretty long article for what it actually states, but it's good news nonetheless. Skip to paragraph 3 or so to begin with. Nintendo's stepping up their game with the Nintendo WFC connectivity and DLC potential. It's pretty great to know these things will be available to all 3rd party developers, I don't think you can do much better with the Wii's design limitations. It's also good to see Nintendo fix many of the initial issues, despite most people thinking they've pretty much given up on trying to improve that side of the Wii.
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I hope this alerts other dev teams.
Maybe it will be the standard some day.

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That's the idea I guess, since Nintendo's responsible for most of these features and they'll make it available to every Wii developer...

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How do you come to the conclusion the Wii game will be the best?. it hasn't even got voice chat ffs., At the very least it's on par and closer to what the standard 360 and PS3 versions have always been at.

 IGN: Every time we sit down and chat with you guys it seems like you've got new tech going on to supplement your games. Is it odd to see all of these things implemented (always online, SD card streaming, Miis, etc) and then not seeing other devs take those ideas and run with them? For a console all about innovation Wii tends to have a lot of "more of the same" on it…

Karthik: Well, we're Wii gamers ourselves and love the Wii community. The VV team has put a lot of effort into not only being on parity with the other platforms, but also creating experiences unique on the Wii.

I have seen nothing to suggest from what I've read so far that the Wii version will superior.
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The same features/dlc as all the other versions + a couple of extra modes is what I read and was stated clearly in all the articles. If it really was the same, then surely the extra modes would have brought it even at least marginally above the rest, even if they're not the best modes around, hence my earlier statement about it "seeming" to be so. I missed the voice chat bit though, that's a bummer, for some, thanks I guess. The parity you quote is good enough, right? My point was that it doesn't seem to be gimped like other multiplatform titles and is getting some extra modes.
Still, ffs? I mean, really? Ok... As for what the others have always been at, eh, whatever, I never discussed the past games in the GH5 forum.

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