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Best guitar hero since the first one

First I'm not going to go into the gameplay much because its a guitar hero game you know how it works. 
The graphics in this game are the best of any rhythm game to date. it really has a matured and realistic look to it now, compared to a more cartoonish look of the past titles. The camera on the band members is very atmospheric, the way it captures each members movements for their instruments and style. The way the camera shoots the stage, crowd and venue in whole makes it much more like a living, breathing place, like a real concert actually. I just feel like its a very good step forward for the series, instead of leaving it the way its been, its now like a real rock show, and everyone looks great in their musicianship. Also think that the band animations and how the camera moves is worth the price of admission alone. I could watch my band perform play that funky music 1000 times. In rockband all the band animation are all same for every song and there is maybe like 100 animations total. In GH5 they really put in a ton of work making really good animations for each song, from the really good rap hand moves for feel good inc to the some great disco moves in play that funky music. 
The whole system for GH5 is fantastically redesigned from world tour. its super easy to do whatever you want, playing online is no longer a huge clusterfuck like it was in worldtour. You can pick any play mode from inside any play mode, meaning with one click of a button you can change from career, quickplay, competeive online modes no problem.
In past games you had to exit out all the way to the main menu pick the other mode you want and set that up, not anymore. 
Guitar hero 5 is in my opinion is a fantasic game with great music, that will happily tied me over till rockband 3 comes out a year from now. Lastly don't hate GuitarHero just becuse of it's popluar to hate it, this is a great game for either rockband or guitarhero fans.

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