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it's fine, but needed MORE TO IT!

Well today, i bought this game. I popped it in my PS3, and started playing it. My first impression was "What's the difference for III?" I mean, with a game this hyped, I would've expected them to have changed some. The way the fret board looks, anything. But no, nothing really changed but the songs. I felt sorta peeved at first, that I spent 60 dollars for a game exactly the same as the last one. I kept thinking that I could've just downloaded a bunch of Aerosmith songs on III if I wanted to play these songs, but once i got to playing the game, it seemed to get better. The songs on the game are pretty good, and it's good they didn't put ALL Aerosmith songs on there. That would've been more boring. I was kind of disappointed that the characters were the same on career mode, and that you couldn't play as a member of the band. I guess it's cool you play as them in quickplay, but I expected more. The songs on the game are actually songs I've heard of, which was good too. The game is pretty easy, compared to the last game. I wanted more songs on the game however. 40 songs isn't enough for me. I liked Guitar Hero III, with the 55 songs. To wrap this up, at first I thought the game would be boring and bad, but I was partially wrong. I still would rather have Guitar Hero Metallica, or Iron Maiden, but it's still a good game none the less.

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